Hadi Hemmati


Associate Professor

Schulich School of Engineering, Department of Electrical and Software Engineering


Educational Background

B.S. Software Engineering, Iran University of Science & Technology, 2003

M.S. Software Engineering, Sharif University of Technology, 2005

Ph.D. Software Engineering, University of Oslo, 2011

PostDoc Software Engineering, University of Waterloo, 2013

PostDoc Software Engineering, Queen's University at Kingston, 2012


Hadi is an Associate Professor in Software Engineering at Electrical and Software Engineering Department, University of Calgary. He has a PhD from University of Oslo and Simula Lab (2007-2011) under the supervision of Lionel Briand. He was a postdoc fellow at Queens University (2011-2012), working with Ahmed Hassan, and a postdoc fellow at University of Waterloo (2012-2013), working with the late Ric Holt, Mike Godfrey and Reid Holmes. He was an assistant professor (2013-2016) at the Computer Science department, University of Manitoba, prior to joining University of Calgary in 2017.

He is also an IEEE Senior Member, a Professional Engineer (PEng) in Alberta (APEGA), and holds a faculty fellowship at Schulich School of Engineering at University of Calgary.

He is a coordinating editor at Empirical Software Engineering Journal.  Consider submitting!




Areas of Research

Automated Software Engineering

Software Testing 

Program Repair 

Fault Localization

Specification Mining

Search-based Software Engineering 


Trustworthy AI and MLOps

Robust AI

Explainable AI

Model Serving 

Domain Adaptation 

AI and Software for Social Good

AI in Health 

Wearables for Mental Health

Participation in university strategic initiatives


Course number Course title Semester
ENSF 544 Data Science for Software Engineers Fall 2021
SENG 643 Automated Software Engineering Fall 2021


Robust AI in Finance

Representation Learning for Software Testing

Efficient Model Serving by Caching

Robust and Explainable AI in Software

Domain Adaptation in Health and Software

System log-based Failure Prediction

Sequence Learning for Test Generation


  • Faculty Fellowship Award, Schulich School of Engineering. 2020
  • IEEE Software best paper award at ICSE, IEEE Software. 2017
  • Teaching achievement award, The University of Calgary. 2018
  • ACM SIGSOFT Distinguished Paper Award at ICSE, Association for Computing Machinery (ACM). 2013
  • ACM SIGSOFT Distinguished Artifact Awards, IEEE. 2020
  • IEEE Senior member, IEEE. 2020