Linnaea Cartar

Meet Linnaea Cartar

Major: Civil Engineering
Minor: Energy and Environment

Through engineering, I am learning to combine technical skills and critical thinking to solve problems and make a difference in the world.

Engineering Class of 2023

5 quick questions

I want to become an engineer to solve local and global issues. I am passionate about environmental and social sustainability, and I want to help create a more healthy and equitable future. 

I faced a lot of self-doubt prior to accepting my admission to the Schulich School of Engineering. I had heard about how difficult engineering is and I was worried I wouldn’t be able to keep up. However, very early on into my first semester, I realized that most people in engineering felt the same; everyone has been very supportive and willing to help each other.

Go for it! You will meet a lot of supportive and passionate people, and engineering will help you become a well-rounded individual with great critical-thinking skills. 

There are a lot of ways Schulich promotes a diverse and inclusive culture, including initiatives like the Schulich Change Leaders or clubs like WISE. The campus has clubs for just about anything, so there’s a lot of support for everyone at UCalgary.

There are a lot of fun hands-on learning opportunities built into the engineering program. From building a robot to designing transforming camping furniture, there’s a lot of team activities to practice engineering skills (thanks ENGG 200)!