Maker Multiplex 

3D printing

3D printing

  • Introduction to 3D printing capabilities
  • Learn the processes of 3D printing
  • Define the limits of 3D printing technologies
  • Understand current, state-of-the-art 3D printing

3D modelling and design

  • Basics of several software programs
  • SolidWorks applications
  • SolidWorks industry standards
  • Actualizing 3D models
Soldering workshop

Electronics and circuits

  • Introduction to electronic components
  • Introduction to analog and digital circuits
  • Prototyping projects
  • Soldering printed circuit boards

Logic controllers and robotics

  • Experiencing logical systems
  • Building a small robotic car as a platform for research
  • Exploring advanced technologies (i.e. swarm)
  • Discovering the frontiers of robotics
Soldering workshop

General project support

  • Support of Capstone Design, Common Core and other projects
  • Resource for research groups
  • Provide a hands-on experience for staff and students
  • Offer workshops that cover a wide range of topics