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Fostering Diversity

Engineering at its core is a call to serve humanity. It is a meaningful pursuit for dreamers, problem-solvers and future leaders. For this creative field to thrive, we need to cultivate an environment where people with a variety of backgrounds, genders, interests and talents feel welcome and included. At the Schulich School of Engineering, we will strive to ensure everyone feels at home.


Working to engage the whole person

Like student musician Luke Gagnon, the Schulich School of Engineering embraces the full spectrum of skills, talents and ideas – from the academic to the artistic.


  Fostering Diversity


Our Goals

Including all

Embracing diversity will transform the landscape of engineering. It begins by modifying our recruitment practices to better include the skills and talents of all of our applicants. Diversity will be enriched with an advanced approach to educating engineers through new and emerging curriculum. Diversity will be encouraged by demonstrating to future engineers fulfilling careers that engage and affirm each person.

Promoting health and wellness for everyone

We will support the creation of a campus ethos driven by intellect, ability, energy and commitment in a healthy, respectful environment with opportunity for all.

Fostering Diversity