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Accepting an Offer

Accepting a Position

Congratulations on your job offer! If you plan to accept the position, you should carefully review any provided documents or contract to ensure you understand the terms and conditions before formally accepting a position. We request that employers give you a minimum of 48 hours to make your decision, so take the time to consider the position and the commitment required. Once you have formally accepted the position, you must notify the Engineering Internship Office at  immediately and withdraw your application package from any other postings you may have pending.

CareerLink Profile Completion

You must complete the Work Term Record form on CareerLink which can be found in your profile, under the “Schulich Engineering Internship” tab. If you did not find your position on CareerLink, please email the office with a detailed job description and we will add the position once approved so that you can complete your profile. With your placement information completed, we are able to register you officially for your work term and INTE course.

INTE Courses and Fees

You will be registered for INTE 513 for each four-month work term you complete. Internship course fees are applied to this course, however you will only be charged tuition for the first three semesters of your internship. If you choose to do a fourth work term, you will not be charged tuition fees, although you will be required to pay supplemental fees, as per the calendar. Fees are to be paid in the same manner as regular tuition, by visiting Enrolment Services or online through your student centre.

If you are an international student, you must complete your visa and all other paperwork before beginning your placement.

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