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Complementary Studies

In addition to the technical content of the engineering program at the Schulich School of Engineering, students are required to take a minimum of six half-courses in complementary studies.

This is a requirement of the Canadian Engineering Accreditation Board (CEAB) of the Canadian Council of Professional Engineers (CCPE) for all accredited undergraduate engineering degree programs.

Course requirements

CEAB accreditation requires these topics of study:

  • engineering economics
  • the impact of technology on society
  • subject matter that deals with central issues, methodologies and thought processes of the humanities and social sciences
  • oral and written communications
  • health and safety
  • professional ethics, equity and law
  • sustainable development and environmental stewardship

Students at the Schulich School of Engineering must take the following six required courses:


Course name and number

1,2 COST options Two half-courses or equivalent selected from the list of acceptable courses.

Download compementary studies. 


Engineering Economics

Not open to frosh students currently registered in a first-year engineering program.

ENGG 209

Note: See specific information for students in chemical engineering and oil and gas engineering and in ENCH, ENOG and ENEE.

Download compementary studies. 

4 Oral and Written Communication

COMS 363

Not open to first-year students

5 Technology and Society

One of ENGG 481 or STAS 341 or STAS 325 or STAS 327 or STAS 343

Credit will not be permitted in the engineering degree program for more than one of ENGG 481, STAS 341, STAS 325, STAS 327, and STAS 343.

6 Engineering Profession

ENGG 513

To be taken in the third or fourth year of studies.