Pipeline Corrosion

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Pipeline Engineering Specialization

Degrees with this option

Specializations for graduate degrees can be obtained in pipeline engineering while students complete the MSc, MEng or doctoral degree programs. Learn more about the Specialization in Pipeline Engineering through these related programs:

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Specialization courses

Pump and Compressor Stations

ENME 622

Fundamentals of Pipeline Economics

ENME 624

Corrosion Science in the Pipelines Industry

 ENME 626

Special Problems

 ENME 619

Pipeline Coatings

ENME 628

Fundamentals of Gas Hydraulics in Pipeline Systems

ENME 632

Fundamentals of Liquid Hydraulics in Pipeline Systems

ENME 630

Pipeline Geotechnical Engineering

ENME 634

Structural Analysis of Buried Steel Pipeline Systems

ENME 636

Failure and Fracture Mechanics in the Pipeline Industry

ENME 638

Stress Corrosion Cracking of Materials

ENME 640

Fracture Mechanics

ENME 667

Graduate Certificate in Pipeline Engineering

Learn the pipeline industry, inside and out

With a strong market demand for pipeline expertise, most engineering graduates working in this field don't come from a pipeline-specific degree.

Gain the technical knowledge you're looking for in as little as one semester and hone your expertise in the design, construction and operation of pipeline systems.

For professionals who are working, this certificate can be completed over a three-year period.

Graduate Certificate in Pipeline Engineering

Certificate course options

Pipeline Design

ENME 664

Pipeline Economics

ENME 668

Gas and Liquid Hydraulics

ENME 674

Materials Selection and Metallurgy

ENME 675 

Pipeline Stress Analysis

ENME 676

Geotechnical Aspects in Pipeline Engineering

ENME 677

Environmental Impact and Regulatory Matters

ENME 678

Construction and Project Management

ENME 642

Welding and Joining Processes

ENME 644

Operation and Maintenance

ENME 680

Automation and Control Systems

ENME 682

Corrosion, Cracking and Coatings

ENME 684

Integrity Management

ENME 686

Pipeline In-Line Inspection Technologies

ENME 688

Pipeline Leak Detection Technologies

ENME 689

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