Research areas

Research areas

Focusing on research that makes a difference

Advanced materials and interfaces

This cluster leads the development of novel materials and engineered interfaces to enhance performance and usstainable technologies for applications in energy, water and health areas. 

Catalysis Lab

Biochemical engineering

Biomass conversion, sustainable bioprocesses and advanced biomaterials for sustainable energy and chemicals, with expertise in biorefineries, fermentation and genetic engineering. 

Biomedical engineering

Environmental technologies

Advanced environmental technologies for treating water, soil and air-based pollurants are being developed with a focus on their sustainable performance. We strive not only to for the energy efficiencies of these technologies but also by the durability of the materials used as well as their earth abundance. 

Brij Maini

Natural resources and extraction

Responsible extraction and valorization of underground natural resources. 

Polymer processing

Sustainable energy solutions

Engineering efficient solutions to meet imminent energy needs without compromising the resource and energy supply of the future. 

Process engineering

Systems analysis, modelling and simulation

Systems-level analysis for policy and decision making of energy system investment and management. 


Schulich's research priorities

Research that makes a difference in people's lives and the world drives what we do. 

Engineering research touches everything. We are developing leading-edge tools and technologies to address challenges from the nanoscale to the global scale.