Research partnerships

The benefits of research partnerships

  • Connecting with subject-matter experts

  • Optimizing processes

  • Developing new technologies

  • Accessing state-of-the-art labs and equipment

  • Minimizing project risks

  • Sharing costs

  • Potential eligibility for R&D tax credits

  • Meeting highly qualified personnel

  • Leveraging Schulich's relationships

Harvey Yarranton

Research partnership funding opportunities

NSERC Engage Grants

These grants launch new research partnerships by supporting short-term, six-month projects that address a company-specific problem.

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NSERC Collaborative Research and Development Grants

CRD grants support longer-term one- to five-year projects undertaken by university researchers and their private-sector partners. Direct project costs are shared by industry partners and NSERC.

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Mitacs Accelerate and Elevate programs

These programs support industry-university partnerships through four-month to two-year graduate student internships and postdoctoral fellowships.

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Industry Research Partnership

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