MEng Program Options

Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering

Completing a specialized graduate program at the Schulich School of Engineering will help you stand out in a competitive job market and will take your career to exciting new heights. Schulich graduates become inventors, entrepreneurs, and engineering leaders. We are proud to say that our graduates also enjoy some of the highest rates of employment, in both national and international settings.

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What courses will I take?

To complete this program, students take 10 courses.

Required courses:

Sustainability Engineering

Engineering 682

Applied Optimization for Sustainable Design

Electrical Engineering 680

Applied Machine Learning and Predictive Analytics

Electrical Engineering 682

Power Systems Analyses Applications

Electrical Engineering 670

Power Electronics for Renewable Energy

Electrical Engineering 672

Industrial and Commercial Power Systems

Electrical Engineering 674

Distributed Energy Resources

Electrical Engineering 676

Graduate Project in Electrical Engineering

Electrical Engineering 678

Choose 1 course from the following: 

** Approval from the Graduate Program Director is required as this is an alternative course

Ethics, Law, and the Engineering Profession

Engineering 687

** Innovation and Entrepreneurship

** Engineering 683

** Introduction to Project Management

** Engineering 684

** Energy Policy for Engineers

** Engineering 685

** Climate Change Adaptation for Engineers

** Engineering 686

Choose 1 electrical engineering course from the following:

Identification for Control

Electrical Engineering 684

Embedded Systems

Electrical Engineering 686

What courses will I take?

To complete this program, students take 10 courses.

Required course:

Energy and Environment

Environmental Engineering 671

Choose at least 5 software or electrical engineering graduate courses. Suggested courses are:

Advanced Power System Analysis

Electrical Engineering 601

Optimization for Engineers

Electrical Engineering 641

Data Mining and Machine Learning

Electrical Engineering 645 / Environmental Engineering 645

Analog Integrated Circuit Design

Electrical Engineering 661 / Environmental Engineering 647

Restructured Electricity Markets

Electrical Engineering 693

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Choose at least 4 environmental engineering graduate courses. Suggested courses are:

Principles of Environmental Engineering

Environmental Engineering 603


Environmental Chemistry and Microbiology

Environmental Engineering 605 

Experimental Design and Error Analysis

Environmental Engineering 621

Numerical Methods for Engineers

Environmental Engineering 625

Environmental Modelling

Environmental Engineering 635

Air Pollution Control Engineering

Environmental Engineering 641

Contaminated Soil Remediation

Environmental Engineering 653

Hazardous Waste and Contaminated Sites Management

Environmental Engineering 665

Life Cycle Assessment

Environmental Engineering 693

Water and Wastewater Pollution, Treatment and Control

Environmental Engineering 695

Air Pollution Mitigation for Environmental Engineers

Environmental Engineering 697

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