Electrical and Computer Engineering


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What electrical engineers do

Traditional roles

Electrical engineering is used in technology, information, telecommunications, imaging and electrical power systems. Electrical engineers design life-support systems, personal communications devices, video and audio systems, biometric systems, micro sensors, airbags, solar panels and more.

Today's emerging roles

Electrical engineering is pivotal to the development of a high-tech future. Everything from intelligent sensors for biomedical devices and pipeline monitoring to brain-on-a-chip technologies will involve this engineering discipline.

What software engineers do

Traditional roles

Software engineers are the ones that put the intelligence into the devices that electrical engineers develop. They develop, install, validate and maintain computer programs, system performance and reliability for everything from electronic games to critical infrastructure control.

Today's emerging roles

The future of software engineering is an exciting one. This skill set is critical to artificial intelligence, earth-space technologies, virtual reality, facial recognition, brain-computer interfaces and beyond.

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