Bachelor of Science in Software Engineering

About the program

Software engineering involves putting intelligence and reliability into the computing devices and systems our modern world relies on. Software engineers are involved in every phase of software development from coding the software to designing the processes required to design, test and develop it. With the expansion of mobile computing, software engineers are in high demand to build software programs to analyze data and make it meaningful to businesses. As a software engineer, your work could also involve making the devices used in everything from computer games to banking systems more reliable.

Optional minors

Aerospace Engineering

This minor enables students to design and construct new aircraft and spacecraft systems, including crewless aerial vehicles, flight control systems, propulsion technologies, satellite technologies, navigation and remote sensing systems.

Program details

Biomedical Engineering

This unique, faculty-wide program integrates the study of complex living systems with engineering principles. Students learn how to apply these traditional principles and analysis to human health and medicine.

Program details

Entrepreneurship and Enterprise Development

This joint program with the Haskayne School of Business helps students build entrepreneurial skills. They learn the principles and practices of developing new ventures and managing small and medium-sized companies.

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Management and Society

This program teaches students about the role of management in our institutions and society. Engineering students learn how to practice managerial skills in a business environment.

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Mechatronics Engineering

This program involves the study of dynamic systems and controlled motions systems. Students learn the skills required to work in a modern laboratory for hands-on design of mechatronics systems.

Program details

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Career pathways

Software engineers specify, design, evaluate, modify, research, integrate, test and maintain software applications, technical environments, operating systems, embedded software, information warehouses, databases and telecommunications software. Software engineers enjoy stable career prospects in a variety of fields. You’ll have global opportunities and the ability to move into other engineering disciplines, become a private consultant, operate your own business or move into management positions.

Graduates can focus on:

  • Industrial instrumentation and process control products
  • Software related services
  • Software manufacturing
  • Embedded software for inclusion in other products
  • Software for the energy sector
  • Educational institutions processes
  • Government organizations
  • Research institutions
  • Internet-based businesses
  • Software marketing

A degree in engineering can also be used as a stepping stone to graduate studies or a professional degree such as law, medicine, veterinary medicine or architecture.

An academic path that works

Our students follow a tried and true educational path. This includes a common first year, an internship opportunity after year three and an exciting design project to cap things off.


Common 1st year

Undergraduate students spend their first year learning about the broad world of engineering. From there, they focus their studies on a specific engineering discipline for the remainder of their degree.

Choose a major

In their second year of studies, undergraduate students begin taking courses in their major. These programs include: biomedical, electrical, civil, software, chemical, mechanical, geomatics, and sustainable systems engineering.


Between their third and fourth year, students can apply to do an internship. These paid work experiences range from 12 to 16 months. For students interested in international internships, one in 15 intern abroad.

Design project

During their fourth year of study, students undertake a team design project. Many work with an industry partner. Together, they develop well-researched and tested solutions to real-world challenges.

Earn an engineering degree and a business degree

Are you torn between choosing an engineering or business education? At the University of Calgary you can simultaneously complete a Bachelor of Science in Engineering and a Bachelor of Commerce in five years. This unique program is offered in partnership with the Haskayne School of Business.

Undergraduate admission enquiries

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