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Master of Science (thesis-based)

The MSc (Eng) is typically the first step towards a career in research. The program is designed to give students the foundation they need for the rigorous world of academic research. Students take courses in geomatics engineering fundamentals and also produce and defend a thesis.

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Master of Engineering (course-based)

The course-based MEng program can be taken on a full-time or part-time basis. It can be completed in as little as one year, making it one of the fastest graduate degree options

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Doctor of Philosophy

The PhD is a research-based degree that usually takes three years of full-time study following a master's degree or four years following a bachelor's degree. Students are expected to grow their skills as they produce a significant original contribution to fundamental engineering knowledge. This degree is generally a requirement for a career in academia or government/industrial research, or as a chief science officer in an organization. Students will be expected to complete a thesis proposal that includes a literature review and the field of study (FoS) written and oral examinations. 

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Graduate specializations

Positioning, Navigation and Wireless Location

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Geodesy, Remote Sensing and Earth Observation

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Digital Imaging Systems

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GIScience and Land Tenure

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Energy and Environmental Systems

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Environmental Engineering

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Wearable Technology WTEC

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