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Professional master's degree in geomatics engineering

Why study geomatics?

Demand for geomatics engineers is growing exponentially. 

Diversify your career with skills sought by industries seeking tech-trained employees to help them optimize their operations, including: 

  • Telecommunications
  • Transportation
  • Utilities
  • Navigation
  • Aerospace 

What jobs will I do?

Gain advanced skills and knowledge in:

  • Geospatial data science
  • Mapping, positioning and navigation
  • Autonomous systems
  • Satellite Earth observation systems
  • Digital imaging and environmental monitoring systems
  • Sensors and the Internet of Things (IoT)

Why study in Calgary?

Calgary is a geomatics engineering hub.

Twenty-five per cent of Canada's geomatics engineering industry is based right here.

Calgary is a young, diverse entrepreneurial city.

More corporate head offices and small businesses per capita than anywhere in Canada.

Calgary is a city of endless possibilities 

Learn more about Calgary: Calgary Economic Development video

A supervisor is not required for this course-based master's degree program

Stephanie Michaud, P.Eng., Strategic Marketing Manager, Geospatial Field Solutions

The need for geomatics engineers is high. From consumer-grade technologies that use spatial location - like Roomba or Uber - to high-tech industries like precision agriculture, they’re essential to everybody.

Stephanie Michaud, P.Eng.

Strategic Marketing Manager, Geospatial Field Solutions, Trimble Inc.

Geomatics engineering

Is this program right for me?

Develop advanced knowledge employers are seeking Complete a course-based master's program in two to six years Build on your BSc in engineering, computer science, physics or geography Work with an industry partner, engineering solutions to real-world problems

Can I customize the program?

Absolutely. We offer a variety of student pathways that allow you to pursue your passions. 

Digital imaging systems

Geodesy, remote sensing and Earth observation

Positioning, navigation and wireless location

GIScience and land tenure

What courses will I take?

Students in this program take a minimum of 10 courses. Examples include:

Advanced Topics in Sensor Web and IoT

ENGO 694

Advanced Topics in Digital Image Processing

ENGO 639

Advanced GNSS Theory and Applications

ENGO 625

Spatial Databases and Data Mining

ENGO 645

Optical Imaging Metrology

ENGO 642

Earth Observation for the Environment

ENGO 637

Advanced Physical Geodesy

ENGO 615

Relevant courses from outside Geomatics Engineering can also be selected

Geospatial Vision and 3D Visualization

ENGO 610

Click here for a complete list of geomatics engineering graduate courses

What's the 4+1 program?

If you're entering the final year of your undergrad, you can complete an accelerated MEng in geomatics engineering in one additional year of school. 

Contact the MEng Program Office


Take three extra courses during your undergrad

Apply these credits towards your master's

Randy Ho

My experience with the MEng at UCalgary was excellent. I was taught how to succeed, both academically and in industry, and the projects developed both my creative and critical-thinking skills.

Randy Ho

MEng student, 2019

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