Graduate student research


Fully Convolutional Networks for Semantic Segmentation of Very High Resolution Remotely Sensed Images, Weiwei Sun, (MSc thesis), April 2018, UCGE 20506

3D Reconstruction of Building Interiors Using Point Clouds, Lei Xie, (MSc thesis), April 2018, UCGE 20505

New GNSS Navigation Messages for Inherent Fast TTFF and High Sensitivity - Underlying Theory Study and System Analysis, Wentao Zhang, (PhD thesis), March 2018, UCGE 20504

Tightly Coupled Integration of GNSS/INS/Stereo Vision/Map Matching System for Land Vehicle Navigation, Fei Liu, (PhD thesis), March 2018, UCGE 20503

Development of a New Real-Time Precise Point Positioning System, Hongzhou Yang, (PhD thesis), February 2018, UCGE 20502

Multi-Algorithm Evaluation of Ship Detection Accuracy Using Synthetic Aperture Radar for the Radarsat Constellation Mission, Victoria Dawn Mantey, (MSc thesis), February 2018, UCGE 20501

Handheld Mobile Mapping using Smartphones, Naif Muidh Alsubaie, (PhD thesis), January 2018, UCGE 20500

Improving Low-Cost GNSS Receiver Carrier Phase Tracking for High Precision Applications, Shaohua Chen, (PhD thesis), October 2017, UCGE 20499

Land Ice Monitoring via GRACE and Satellite Altimetry in the Canadian Arctic Archipelago, Iliana Tsali, (PhD thesis), September 2017, UCGE 20498

Alternative Dispute Resolution Mechanisms to Define Aboriginal Parcel Boundaries in Canada, Kent Douglas Jones, (MSc thesis), September 2017, UCGE 20497

Investigating RTK using Geostationary Satellites and IRNSS, Vimalkumar Bhandari, (PhD thesis), August 2017, UCGE 20496

Design and Implementation of an RTK-based Vector Phase Locked loop in a GNSS Software Receiver, Ahmad Shafaati, (PhD thesis), August 2017, UCGE 20495

Multi-Constellation GNSS for Absolute and Relative Navigation in Highly Elliptical Orbits, Erin Jennifer Kahr, (PhD thesis), August 2017, UCGE 20494

Range Camera Motion Capture: Geometric Parameter Extraction from Human Motion Data in Point Clouds, Jeremy Steward, (MSc thesis), July 2017, UCGE 20493

Automated Recognition of Electrical Substation Components from 3D LiDAR Point Clouds, Mostafa Aratsounia, (PhD thesis), June 2017, UCGE 20492

A Methodology for Autonomous Navigation and Mapping in Unknown Unstructured Dynamic Indoor Environment, Haytham Alaa Eldin Abdalia Mohamed, (PhD thesis), June 2017, UCGE 20491

Calibration, Validation, and Verification of Static Terrestrial Laser Scanning for Professional Land Surveying of 3D Boundaries, Samuel Rondeel, (MSc thesis), May 2017, UCGE 20490



Assessing Lightning and Wild Fire Hazard by Land Properties and Cloud to Ground Lightning Data with Association Rule Mining Over Alberta, Canada, Donghwan Cha, (MSc thesis), April 2017, UCGE 20489

Modeling High-Latitude Ionospheric Scintillations for Radio Occultation GPS Receiver Performance Analysis, Maryam Najmafshar, (PhD thesis), March 2017, UCGE 20488

3D Building Model-Assisted Snapshot GNSS Positioning Method, Rakesh Kumar, (PhD thesis), February 2017, UCGE 20487

The Use of Three-Dimensional Documentation Technologies in Archaeological Applications, Adam Jahraus, (MSc thesis), Janaury 2017, UCGE 20486

An Adaptive Land Tenure Information System Database Design in Conflict and Post-Conflict Situations, Alaa Daboor, (MSc thesis), January 2017, UCGE 20485

Design, Implementation and Key Issues of Adaptive Tightly Coupled MEMS INS/GPS Integration System, Qifan Zhou, (PhD Cotutelle thesis), December 2016, UCGE 20484

Recognizing Pole-Like Objects from Mobile LiDAR Data, Han Zheng, (MSc thesis), December 2016, UCGE 20483

Interference Mitigation and Measurement Quality Assessment for Multi-Antenna GNSS Receivers, Niranjana Vagle, (PhD thesis), October 2016, UCGE 20482

Sketch Recognition and Interpretation Using a Web-Based PGIS Framework for Urban Planning, Ehsan Mohammadi, (PhD thesis), September 2016, UCGE 20478

Multi Sensor-Multi Mode Integration for Indoor Navigation with Smartphones, Lingran Li, (MSc thesis), September 2016, UCGE 20481

Consumer GNSS Receivers Performance for Position and Trajectory Length Estimation, Laura Norman, (MSc thesis), September 2016, UCGE 20480

GPS Signal Authentication Using INS - A Comparative Study and Analysis, Sashidharan Manickam, (MSc thesis), September 2016, UCGE 20479

A Geospatial Infrastructure to Collect, Evaluate, and Distribute Volunteered Geographic Information for Disaster Management, Mohammed Ebrahim Poorazizi, (PhD thesis), September 2016, UCGE 20477

Ontology Based Semantic Knowledge Discovery for Movement Behaviors, Ali Mousavi, (PhD thesis), September 2016, UCGE 20476

Multi-Sensor Map Matching Techniques for Autonomous Land Vehicle Navigation, Yashar Balazadegan Sarvrood, (PhD thesis), August 2016, UCGE 20475

Image-Based Fine-Scale Infrastructure Monitoring, Ivan Denislavov Detchev, (PhD thesis), July 2016, UCGE 20474

Effect of GNSS Receiver Signal Tracking Parameters on Earthquake Monitoring Performance, Adam Clare, (MSc thesis), June 2016, UCGE 20473

Well Production Prediction and Visualization Using Data Mining and Web GIS, Bingjie Wei, (MSc thesis), June 2016, UCGE 20472

StructureTransfer: A Scene Parsing Framework via Graph Matching for Images and Point Clouds, Tianshu Yu, (MSc thesis), June 2016, UCGE 20471

UAV-Based Digital Imaging System for the Derivation of 3D Point Cloud for Landslide Hazard Analysis, Abdulla Mustafa Muhamed Al-Rawabdeh, (PhD thesis), June 2016, UCGE 20470

A Low-Cost SINS-Based MWD Method for Directional Drilling Applications, Daihong Chao, (MSc thesis), June 2016, UCGE 20469

Non-parametric Spatial – Domain Algorithm for Analysis and Mapping of Urban Scenes Using 3D Point Clouds, Hussein Attya Al-Gurrani, (PhD thesis), May 2016, UCGE 20468

Multiple Systems Integration for Pedestrian Indoor Navigation, Haiyu Lan, (PhD Cotutelle thesis), May 2016, UCGE 20467

Geological CO2 Storage Modelling using Micro-Gravimetry, Hojjat Kabirzadeh, (PhD thesis), April 2016, UCGE 20466

Enhanced GNSS Signal Tracking in Fading Environments Using Diversity Reception, Ranjeeth Siddakatte, (PhD thesis), May 2016, UCGE 20465



MEMS-Based Aided Inertial Navigation System for Small Diameter Pipelines, Hussein Ahmed Sahli, (PhD thesis), April 2016, UCGE 20464

Space-Time Processing Methods to Enhance GNSS Signal Robustness under Electronic Interference, Thyagaraja Marathe, (PhD thesis), April 2016, UCGE 20463

Detection, Characterization and Mitigation of GNSS Jamming Interference Using Pre-Correlation Methods , Nahal Fadaei, (MSc thesis), March 2016, UCGE 20462

Development of a Remote Sensing-Based Agriculture Monitoring Drought Index and Its Application Over Semi-Arid Region, Khaled Hazaymeh, (PhD thesis), February 2016, UCGE 20461

Real-Time Ambiguity-Fixed Precise Point Positioning Using Global and Regional Reference Networks, Yihe Li, (PhD thesis), January 2016, UCGE 20460

Ultra-Tightly Coupled Vision/GNSS for Automotive Applications, Bernhard Martin Aumayer, (PhD thesis), January 2016, UCGE 20459

Development of a Multi-Frequency Adaptive Kalman Filter Based Tracking Loop for an Ionospheric Scintillation Monitoring Receiver, Ashwitha Ashwitha, (MSc thesis), December 2015, UCGE 20458

Recommending Profitable Travel Routes Based on Big Taxi Trajectories Data, Wenxin Yang, (MSc thesis), December 2015, UCGE 20457

Intermittent GNSS Signal Tracking for Improved Receiver Power Performance, Vijaykumar Bellad, (PhD thesis), November 2015, UCGE 20456

Integration of MEMS Sensors, WiFi, and Magnetic Features for Indoor Pedestrian Navigation with Consumer Portable Devices, You Li, (PhD Cotutelle thesis), November 2015, UCGE 20455

A Study on Efficient Vector Mapping with Vector Tiles Based on Cloud Server Architecture, Xiaohong Shang, (MSc thesis), October 2015, UCGE 20454

Carrier Phase Prediction of Weak Signals for High-Accuracy Navigation, Boxiong Wang, (MSc thesis), October 2015, UCGE 20453

Ultra-High Sensitivity GNSS Signal Acquisition Using Precise Oscillators, Naveen Shivaiah Gowdayyanadoddi, (PhD thesis), October 2015, UCGE 20452

Geovisualization for Association Rule Mining in CHOPS Well Data, Xiaodong Sun, (MSc thesis), August 2015, UCGE 20446

Constrained Motion Estimation for a Multi-Camera System, Mehdi Mazaheri Tehrani, (MSc thesis), September 2015, UCGE 20447

Road Map Inference from GPS Traces: A Segmentation and Grouping Framework, Jia Qiu, (MSc thesis), August 2015, UCGE 20448

Sensor Error Analysis of Superconductive Angular Gradiometer, Elaheh Mokhtari, (PhD thesis), August 2015, UCGE 20449

3D Indoor Mobile Mapping using Multi-Sensor Autonomous Robot, Navid Mostofi, (PhD thesis), September 2015, UCGE 20450

A Modeling Framework to Investigate the Impact of Climate and Land-Use/Cover Change on Hydrological Processes in the Elbow River Watershed in Southern Alberta, Babak Farjad, (PhD thesis), September 2015, UCGE 20451

Sounding of the Ionosphew Using the CanX-2 Nano-Satellite and Single-Frequency Radio Occultation Techniques, Michael Swab, (MSc thesis), May 2015, UCGE 20443

Rotary Inertial Navigation System with a Low-Cost MEMS IMU and Its Integration with GNSS, Shuang Du, (PhD thesis), May 2015, UCGE 20438

Fusion of Terrestrial and Airborne Laser Data for 3D Modeling Applications, Hani Mahmoud Mohammed, (MSc thesis), May 2015, UCGE 20437



A Mobile MEMS-based Sensors System for Ubiquitous Personal Navigation, Xing Zhao, (PhD thesis), January 2015, UCGE 20445

Vehicle Accident Severity Rule Mining Using Fuzzy Granular Decision Tree, Hamid Kiavarz, (MSc thesis), April 2015, UCGE 20444

Precise Real-Time Multi-GNSS PPP, Tor Melgard, (PhD thesis), June 2015, UCGE 20441 (2 year withhold)

Height Datum Unification with the Boundary Value Problem Approach, Babak Amjadiparvar, (PhD thesis), June 2015, UCGE 20442

Use of Remote Sensing and Ground Data in Comprehension of the Flooding in the Bow River Basin, Alberta, Victor Veiga, (MSc thesis), June 2015, UCGE 20440

Use of GIS and Remote Sensing in Mapping Rice Areas and Forecasting Its Production at Large Geographical Extent, Mostafa Mosleh, (PhD thesis), June 2015, UCGE 20439

Development of a Satellite-Based Forest Fire Danger Forecasting System and Its Implementation Over the Forest Dominant Regions of Alberta, Canada. Ehsan Hafiz Chowdhury, (PhD thesis), March 2015, UCGE 20436

Integrating Vision Derived Bearing Measurements with Differential GPS for NavigationVehicle-to-Vehicle Relative, Elmira Amirloo Abolfathi, (MSc thesis), February 2015, UCGE 20435

Cooperative V2X Relative Navigation Using Tight-Integration of DGPS and V2X UWB Range and Simulated Bearing, Da Wang, (PhD thesis), January 2015, UCGE 20434

Integration of WiFi and MEMS Sensors for Indoor Navigation, Yuan Zhuang, (PhD) thesis), January 2015, UCGE 20433

Automatic Extraction of Objects/Features from Imagery of Electrical Substations, Hossein Armeshi, (MSc thesis), January 2015, UCGE 20432

Reduction of Wellbore Positional Uncertainty During Directional Drilling, Zahra Hadavand, (MSc thesis), December 2014, UCGE 20431

Cylindrical and Polygonal Object Modelling and its Use in LiDAR Calibration and Point Cloud Registration, Ting On Chan, (PhD thesis), January 2015, UCGE 20430

Vector-based and Ultra-Tight GPS/INS Receiver Performance in the Presence of Continuous Wave Jamming, Sergey Krasovski, (MSc thesis), January 2015, UCGE 20429

Performance of GPS and Partially Deployed BeiDou for Real-Time Kinematic Positioning in Western Canada, Jingjing Dou, (MSc thesis), January 2015, UCGE 20428

Improved GNSS Carrier Phase Tracking for Hand Held Receivers, Srinivas Bhaskar, (PhD thesis), December 2014, UCGE 20422

Computer Vision Aiding Smartphone Sensors for 3D Indoor Location Application, Bashir Kazemipur, (MSc thesis), January 2015, UCGE 20427

Designing a Technical Solutions to Managing Land Tenure Data in a Customary Setting, Irene Egbulefu, (MSc thesis), January 2015, UCGE 20426

Photogrammetric Advances to C-arm Use in Surgery, Hooman Esfandiari, (MSc thesis), November 2014, UCGE 20425

Mobile Mapping Using Smartphones, Amr Al-Hamad, (MSc thesis), December 2014, UCGE 20424

Reliability Improvement of Sensors Used in Personal Navigation Devices, Anup Dhital, (PhD thesis), December 2014, UCGE 20423

Iceberg Detection Using Compact Polarimetric Synthetic Aperture Radar, Michael Denbina, (PhD thesis), November 2014, UCGE 20421

Weak GPS Signal Acquisition Using Antenna Diversity, Mohammad Mozafarri, (PhD thesis), November 2014, UCGE 20419

Enhanced Portable Navigation for Cycling Applications, Hsiu-Wen Chang, (PhD thesis), September 2014, UCGE 20418

Integrated Sensing of Soil Moisture at the Field-Scale: Measuring, Modeling and Sharing For Improved Agricultural Decision Support, Andrew Phillips, (MSc thesis), August 2014, UCGE 20417

A Standalone Approach for High-Sensitivity GNSS Receivers, Tiantong Ren, (PhD thesis), August 2014, UCGE 20412

Design and Implementation of a Web Mapping System Supporting Multiple Map Projections, Han-Fang Tsai, (MSc thesis), August 2014, UCGE 20411

Location Recommendation on Location Based Social Networks Utilizing Check-in Data and Location Category, Dequan Zhou, (MSc thesis), September 2014, UCGE 20410

Ground Deformation Monitoring by Radar Interferometry and Subsurface Modeling of Oil Sands, Jin Baek, (PhD thesis), June 2014, UCGE 20409

Adaptive Processing of Laser Scanning Data and Texturing of the Segmentation Outcome, Zahra Lari, (PhD thesis), July 2014, UCGE 20408

Geomatic Features Extraction and Automated Registration of Static Laser Scans Using Linear Features, Kaleel Mansour Al –Durgham, (MSc  thesis), July 2014, UCGE 20407



Ambiguity Resolution with Precise Point Positioning, Min Wang, (PhD thesis), February 2014, UCGE 20406

Design of a Support Tool for Citizens Engaging in Urban Planning Online, Coral Bliss Taylor, (MSc thesis), April 2014, UCGE 20405

An Agent-Based Model to Simulate Stakeholders' Negotiation Regarding Land Development in the Elbow River Watershed in Southern Alberta, Majeed Pooyandeh, (PhD thesis), January 2014, UCGE 20404

Ground-Based Deformation Montioring, Axel Ebeling, (PhD thesis), January 2014, UCGE 20403

Applying Data Mining and Social Network Analysis Techniques in a Land Tenure Information System, Kwame Asiedu, (MSc thesis), February 2014, UCGE 20402

Monitoring Regional Vegetation Changes in Seward Peninsula, Alaska, Using Remote Sensing Technique, Ji Young Ahn, (MSc thesis), April 2014, UCGE 20401

Implementation and Evaluation of Interoperable Open Standards for the Internet of Things, Seyyed Mohammad Ali Jazayeri, (MSc thesis), April 2014, UCGE 20400

Multi-Sensor Integration for Indoor 3D Reconstruction, Jacky Chow, (PhD thesis), April 2014, UCGE 20399

Activity-Based and Behavior-Based Location Recommendation in Location Based Social Networks, Seyyed Mohammadreza Rahimi, (Msc thesis), January 2014, UCGE 20398

Segmentation and Classification of Multi-Sensor Data Using Artificial Intelligence Techniques, Adel Mohamed Moussa, (PhD thesis), December 2013, UCGE 20397

Soil Moisture Estimation with Polarimetric SAR Data, Habib Mazaheri Tehrani, (PhD thesis), December 2013, UCGE 20396

GeoPubSubHub: A Geospatial Publish/Subscribe Architecture for the World-Wide Sensor Web, Chih-Yuan Huang, (PhD thesis), January 2014, UCGE 20395

Calibration of Multi-Sensor Laser Scanning Systems, Essam Hassan Hamza Hassan, (PhD thesis), December 2013, UCGE 20394

Four-constellation GNSS Reliability and the Estimation of Inter-system Time-offsets for Improved Performance in Challenging Signal Environments, Rasika Winit, (MSc thesis), November 2013, UCGE 20393

Real-Time Hand Posture Recognition Using a Range Camera, Hervé Lahamy, (PhD thesis), September 2013, UCGE 20413

GNSS Multipath Mitigation Using Channel Parameter Estimation Techniques, Negin Sokhandan Asl, (PhD thesis), September 2013, UCGE 20392

Map Aided Indoor and Outdoor Navigation Applications, Mohamed Ali Ahmed Attia, (PhD thesis), June 2013, UCGE 20391

Context-Aware Personal Navigation Services Using Multi-level Sensor Fusion Algorithms, Sara Saeedi, (PhD thesis), September 2013, UCGE 20390

Improving High Sensitivity GNSS Receiver Performance in Multipath Environments for Vehicular Applications, Peng Xie, (PhD thesis), September 2013, UCGE 20389

GNSS Signal Acquisition in The Presence of Narrowband Interference, Mohammad Abdizadeh, (PhD thesis), September 2013, UCGE 20388

Low-Cost Sensors-Based Attitude Estimation for Pedestrain Navigation in GPS-Denied Environment, Abdelrahman Saad Ali, (PhD thesis), June 2013, UCGE 20387

Wifi-based Fine Timing Assistance for GPS Acquisition, Mahsa Shafiee, (PhD thesis), September 2013, UCGE 20386

GNSS Signal Authenticity Verification in the Presence of Structural Interference, Ali Jafarnia Jahromi, (PhD thesis), August 2013, UCGE 20385

Multi-Resolution Spectral Techniques for Static DGPS Error Analysis and Mitigation. Ahmed Adel El-Ghazouly, (PhD thesis), June 2013, UCGE 20384

Ionospheric Imaging for Canadian Polar Regions, Ossama Jamil Al-Fanek, (PhD thesis), June 2013, UCGE 20383

Contributions to a Context-Aware High Sensitivity GNSS Software Receiver, Tao Lin, (PhD thesis), July 2013, UCGE 20382

Geopotential of the Geoid-Based North American Vertical Datum, Tasnuva Tahia Hayden, (MSc thesis), July 2013, UCGE 20381

Floor Plan Based Indoor Vision Navigation Using Smart Device, Bei Huang, (MSc thesis), July 2013, UCGE 20380



Interactive Visualization to Reveal Activity Patterns of Marine Mammals and Boat Traffic in the St. Lawrence Estuary in Quebec, Canada, Botao Zheng, (MSc thesis), March 2013, UCGE 20379

Integration of UWB Ranging and GPS for Improved Relative Vehicle Positioning and Ambiguity Resolution, Yuhang Jiang, (MSc thesis), December 2012, UCGE 20378

Dynamic Structural Deflection Measurement with Range Cameras, Xiaojuan Qi, (MSc thesis), March 2013, UCGE 20377

GNSS Interference Mitigation Using Antenna Array Processing, Saeed Daneshmand, (PhD thesis), March 2013, UCGE 20376

Detection of Road Furniture from Mobile Terrestrial Laser Scanning Point Clouds, Sherif Mohamed Mahmoud Ibrahim, (PhD thesis), January 2013, UCGE 20414

A Study of Volunteered Geographic Information and Social Media, Ren-Yu Li, (MSc thesis), Janaury 2013, UCGE 20416

An Integrated Modeling System to Simulate the Impact of Land-Use Changes on Hydrological Processes in the Elbow River Watershed in Southern Alberta, Gayan Wijesekara, (PhD thesis), January 2013, UCGE 20375

Automatic 3D Building Model Generation by Integrating LiDAR and Aerial Images Using a Hybrid Approach, Eunju Kwak, (PhD thesis), January 2013, UCGE 20374

Peri-Urban Land Tenure in Ghana (Accra): Case Study of Bortianor, Ephraim Newman Danso, (MSc thesis), December 2012, UCGE 20373

Land Registration Use: Sales in a State-Subsidised Housing Estate in South Africa, Lani Maré Roux, (PhD thesis), January 2013, UCGE 20372

DGPS and UWB Aided Vector-Based GNSS Receivers for Weak Signal Environments, Billy Chan (MSc thesis), December 2012, UCGE 20371

Proposed LOS Fast TTFF Signal Design for IRNSS, Vyasaraj Guru Rao (PhD thesis), January 2013, UCGE 20370

The Automatic Grouping of Sensor Data Layers Using Semantic Clustering and Classification to Group Semantically Similar Sensor Data Layers, Ben Knoechel, (MSc thesis), November 2012, UCGE 20369

Delineation of Igneous Rocks on Western Axel Heiberg Island Using Geopotential Field Anomalies and Satellite Imagery, Tina Mosstajiri, (MSc thesis), November 2012, UCGE 20415

The Potential of Using Worldview-2 Imagery for Shallow Water Depth Mapping, Naif Muidh Alsubaie, (MSc thesis), November 2012, UCGE 20368

Precise Point Positioning Integer Ambiguity Resolution with Decoupled Clocks, Junbo Shi, (PhD thesis), November 2012, UCGE 20367

Vision based Navigation (VBN) of Unmanned Aerial Vehicles (UAV), Bassem Ibrahim Sheta, (PhD thesis), December 2012, UCGE 20366

A Cellular Automata Model to Simulate Land-use Changes at Fine Spatial Resolution, Fang Wang, (PhD thesis), November 2012, UCGE 20365

Planar and Linear Feature-Based Registration of Terrestrial Laser Scans with Minimium Overlap Using Photogrammetric Data, Sibel Canaz, (MSc thesis), November 2012, UCGE 20364

Second Generation Multi-Resolution Techniques for Edge Ibrahim and Feature Extraction from 8-Bands High Resolution Satellite Imagery, Ahmed Shawky Khalil Elsharkawy, (Ph.D. thesis), November 2012, UCGE Report 20363

High-Sensitivity GNSS Doppler and Velocity Estimation for Indoor Navigation, Zhe He, (PhD) thesis), December 2012, UCGE 20362

Modeling the Impact of Equatorial Ionospheric Irregularities on GPS Receiver Performance, Fatemeh Ghafoori, (Ph.D. thesis), September 2012, UCGE Report 20361

Refined Freeman-Durden for Harvest Detection Using PoISAR Data, Sina Taghvakish, (PhD thesis), September 2012, UCGE Report 20360

Gait Analysis for Pedestrian Navigation Using MEMS Handheld Devices, Melania Susi, (MSc thesis), September 2012, UCGE Report 20359

Ultra-tightly Coupled High Sensitivity GPS Receiver for On-Road Vehicle Applications, Tao Li, (PhD thesis), September 2012, UCGE Report 20358

Improved Navigation Solution Utilizing Antenna Diversity Systems in Multipath Fading Environments, Seyed Nima Sadrieh, (Ph.D thesis) October 2012, UCGE Report 20357

Determining the Polar Cosmic Ray Effect on Cloud Microphysics and the Earth's Ozone Layer, Charlene Radons Beckie, (MEng thesis), June 2012, UCGE Report 20356

Reservoir Characterization and Horizontal Well Placement Guidance Acquisition by Using GIS and Data Mining Methods, Baijie Wang, (MSc thesis), June 2012, UCGE Report 20355

A Traffic Accident Risk Mapping Famework, Jing Wang, (MSc thesis), June 2012, UCGE Report 20353



Coastal Sea Level Change from Satellite Altimetry and Tide Gauges, Feng Tang, (PhD thesis), April 2012, UCGE Report 20354

Estimating Intake Fraction by Loose-Coupling an Air Dispersion Model and a Geospatial Information System (GIS), Scott Fraser, (MSc thesis), August 2011, UCGE Report 20352

Indoor Location Based Services, Ehsan Mohammadi, (MSc thesis), September 2011, UCGE Report 20351

Local Alignment Applied to Grizzly Bear GPS Tracking Data, Andres R. Ortiz Villagomez, (MSc thesis), April 2012, UCGE Report 20349

Feature-based Boresight Self-Calibraion of a Mobile Mapping System, Ting On Chan, (MSc thesis), December 2011, UCGE Report 20348

Analysis of Radarsat-2 Full Polarimetric Data for Forest Mapping, Yasser Maghsoudi, (PhD thesis), December 2011, UCGE Report 20347

Quality Assurance of Multi-Sensor Systems, Ana Paula Baungarten Kersting, (PhD thesis), December 2011, UCGE Report 20346

Automated Urban Features Classification and Recognition from Combined RGB/LIDAR Data, Hassan Elsaid Elhifnawy Eid, (PhD thesis), July 2011, UCGE Report 20345

Geoid Investigations for the New Vertical Datum in Canada, Elmas Sinem Ince, (MSc thesis), December 2011, UCGE Report 20344

WAAS Integrity Investigation for Canadian Latitudes, Oday Haddad, (MSc thesis), November 2011, UCGE Report 20343

Detecting Fraudulent Activites in Land Record Systems: An Application of Data Mining, Thaer Shunnar, (MSc thesis), September 2011, UCGE Report 20342

Remote Sensing-Based Determination of Deciduous and Understory Phenology Over Boreal Forest, Kazi Mahmudur Rahman, (MSc thesis), September 2011, UCGE Report 20341

Remote Sensing-Based Framework for Forecasting Forest Fire Danger Conditions Over Boreal Forest, Musa. Shammi Akther, (MSc thesis), September 2011, UCGE Report 20340

Investigation of GPS Observations for Indoor GPS/INS Integration, Behnam Aminian, (MSc thesis), October 2011, UCGE Report 20339

Spatial Characterization of Multipath GNSS Channel, Mohammed Hatef Keshvadi, (MSc thesis), September 2011, UCGE Report 20338

Assessment and Attenuation of Movement Disorder Motion Using Inertial Sensors, Wesley J.E. Teskey, (PhD thesis), September 2011, UCGE Report 20337

GNSS Channel Characterization and Enhanced Weak Signal Processing, Shashank Satyanarayana, (PhD thesis), September 2011, UCGE Report 20336

Space-Time Equalization Techniques for New GNSS Signals, Pratibha B. Anantharamu, (PhD thesis), September 2011, UCGE Report 20335

Remote Sensing-Based Determination of Boreal Spring Phenology in Alberta, Navdeep S. Sekhon, (MSc thesis), August 2011, UCGE Report 20334

Benefits of Combined GPS/GLONASS Processing for High Sensitivity Receivers, Mohamed Essam Hassan Roshdy Tamazin, (MSc thesis), July 2011, UCGE Report 20333

Context Aware High Dynamics GNSS-INS for Interference Mitigation, Ahmed Mohsen Mohamed Kamel, (PhD thesis), August 2011, UCGE Report 20332

Polarimetric and Interferometric SAR Statistical Analysis and Signal Processing, Yong Bian, (PhD thesis), June 2011, UCGE Report 20331.

Use of Earth's Magnetic Field for Pedestrian Navigation, Muhammad Haris Afzal (Ph.D. thesis), July 2011, UCGE Report 20330.

In Orbit Performance of the Can X-2 Nanosatellite's GPS Receiver, Erin Kahr (M.Sc thesis) May 2011, UCGE Report 20329.



Design and Analysis of Inertial Navigation Systems with Skew Redundant Inertial Sensors, Yigiter Yuksel (Ph.D. thesis), March 2011, UCGE Report 20328.

GNSS/INS Integration Methods, Antonio Angrisano (Ph.D. thesis), Universita' Degli Studi Di Napoli, Italy.

A Study on Canonical Expansion of Random Processes with Applications in Estimation Problems, Zhan Zhang (M.Sc. thesis), January 2011, UCGE Report 20327.

Hillshop, Canopy, and Proximity Influences on Duff Moisture Spatial and Temporal Variability, Lynn Raaflaub (Ph.D. thesis), January 2011, UCGE Report 20326.

Optimization of Static and Mobile Facility Location Selection: Method and Case Study, Wei Gu (M.Sc. thesis), December 2010, UCGE Report 20325.

New Segmentation Algorithms for Dual and Full Polarimetric SAR Data, Mohammed Dabboor (Ph.D. Thesis), January 2011, UCGE Report 20324.

Geometric Modelling of 3-D Range Cameras and their Application for Structural Deformation Measurement, S. Jamtsho (M.Sc. thesis), December 2010, UCGE Report 20323.

Enhanced GNSS Signal Detection Performance Utilizing Polarization Diversity, M. Zhaheri (M.Sc. thesis), January 2011, UCGE Report 20322.

GPS/INS Integration Aided with Gyroscope-Free IMU for Pedestrain Applications, Anshu Pahadia (M.Sc. thesis), December 2010, UCGE Report 20321.

Multiple Inertial Measurement Unit Integration for Pedestrian Navigation, Jared Bancroft (PhD thesis), December 2010, UCGE Report 20320.

Integration of Precise Point Positioning and Low Cost MEMS IMU, Shuang Du (M.Sc. thesis), November 2010, UCGE Report 20319.

Modelling Spatial Dependence in Multivariate Regression Models of Grizzly Bear Health in Alberta, Canada,Tracy Timmins (M.Sc. thesis), September 2010, UCGE Report 20318.

Alternative Methodologies for LiDAR System Calibration, Ki In Bang (Ph.D. thesis), September 2010, UCGE Report 20317.

Implementation of a Close Range Photogrammetric System for 3D Reconstruction of a Scoliotic Torso, Ivan Denislavov Detchev (M.Sc. thesis), September 2010, UCGE Report 20316.

Practical Consideration of Temporal Correlation in RTK GPS Surveying Using a Modified Kalman Filter, Charles Miller (M.Sc. thesis), September 2010, UCGE Report 20315.

Performance Evaluation of GPS L1/L2 Positioning with Partial Availability of the L2C Signals, Da Wang (M.Sc. thesis), September 2010, UCGE Report 20314.

Improving Carrier Phase Reacquisition Time Using Advanced Receiver Architectures, Peng Xie (MSc. thesis), September 2010, UCGE Report 20313.

High Latitude Ionospheric Scintillation: Detection and Isolation from Oscillator Phase Noise as Applied to GNSS, Aiden Morrison (Ph.D. thesis), August 2010, UCGE Report 20312.

Reliability of Combined GPS/GLONASS Ambiguity Resolution, Richard Ong (M.Sc. thesis), July 2010, UCGE Report 20311.

Detection of High-Latitude Ionospheric Irregularities from GPS Radio Occultation, Man Feng (M.Sc. thesis), May 2010, UCGE Report 20310.

Development of New Filter and Tracking Schemes for Weak GPS Signal Tracking, Pejman Lotfali Kazemi (Ph.D. thesis), May 2010, UCGE Report 20309.

Co-Processor Aiding for Real-Time Softwae GNSS Receivers, Aleksandar Knezevic (M.Sc. thesis), May 2010, UCGE Report 20306.



Coherent Array Processing of GPS Sonobuoys, Abdalla Osman (Ph.D. thesis), April 2010, UCGE Report 20308.

Approaches for the Combined Tracking of GPS L1/L5 Signals, Dina Reda Salem (Ph.D. thesis), April 2010, UCGE Report 20307.

Ultra-Tight GPS/Reduced IMU for Land Vehicle Navigation, Debo Sun (Ph.D. thesis), March 2010, UCGE Report 20305.

Simulating the Land-use Impact of Municipal Planning Policies and Stakeholders' Goals in a Residential Land Development Project in Southern Alberta Using an Agent-based Model, Michael E.J. Kieser (M.Sc. Thesis), January 2010, UCGE Report 20304.

Tracking Techniques for GNSS Data/Pilot Signals, Kannan Muthuraman (Ph.D. thesis, January 2010, UCGE Report 20303.

Wireless Sensor Network-Based Distributed GNSS Receiver Architecture for Infrastructure Monitoring, Lionel Garin (Ph.D. thesis), January 2010, UCGE Report 20302.

Arctic Sea Ice Freeboard Heights from Satellite Altimetry, Vidyavathy Renganathan (Ph.D. thesis), January 2010, UCGE Report 20301.

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Note: This is a large file and may take several minutes to download

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