Biomedical Engineering at the Schulich School of Engineering

Engineering solutions to health-care challenges

Master’s degree (course-based) in biomedical engineering

Why take this program

  • Gain technical skills in in-demand areas in engineering for the bio and health economies
  • Explore core areas of BME research 
  • Prepare yourself for a senior role as you advance your career
  • Gain advanced scientific knowledge that sets you apart from the pack
  • Benefit from a multidisciplinary faculty approach to learning

Why study in Calgary

  • Calgary is becoming a biomedical engineering hub
  • Calgary is a young, diverse entrepreneurial city
  • We're the fourth-largest and fastest-growing city in Canada
  • Over 333 days of sun a year makes us Canada's sunniest city
  • Calgary is a city of endless possibilities
  • Learn more about Calgary: Calgary Economic Development

Where will I go

Demand for biomedical engineers is growing exponentially. Gain advanced scientific knowledge that will prepare you to work in:

  • Medical imaging 
  • Biomedical sensors
  • Cell and tissue engineering 
  • Biomaterials 
  • Sports performance
  • Diagnostic devices
  • Immunoengineering 

A supervisor is not needed for this course-based master's degree program

Biomedical Engineering at the Schulich School of Engineering

Is this program right for me?

Applicants can enter the program with a variety of backgrounds, including engineering, medicine, physical sciences, or life sciences.

BSc (Bachelor of Science) or BKin (Bachelor of Kinesiology) or equivalent is required.

Work on innovative engineering solutions that are applicable to industry and clinical real-world problems.

If you have any questions, email us at

Biomedical Engineering

Apply now

We encourage you to apply early as this program receives a high volume of applications and reaches capacity quickly. We send offers to qualified applicants on a rolling basis.

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