Minor in Biomedical Engineering

Combining technology, problem solving and medicine to improve the lives of others.

Offered in collaboration with one of the following engineering majors:

Available in second year with Chemical (ENCH), Civil (ENCI), Electrical (ENEL), Geomatics (ENGO), Mechanical (ENME), Software (ENSF).

As a biomedical engineering student, you will learn about biomechanics and biomaterials, bioprocessing, biopharmaceuticals, tissue engineering, sensors and imaging, and so much more.

This optional minor allows you to broaden your expertise before graduation. If you are considering pursuing medical school, graduate studies or business school, this minor is for you.


Chemical Engineering

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Civil Engineering

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Electrical Engineering

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Geomatics Engineering

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Mechanical Engineering

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Software Engineering

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This minor in biomedical engineering allows undergraduate students to harness their engineering skills and knowledge to solve important medical and biological problems.

Sam P.

Biomedical engineering student