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About Schulich

We support student success through hands-on learning experiences in high-quality labs. This ensures our graduates are ready to become the engineering leaders this country needs.

Bill Rosehart, Dean, Schulich School of Engineering

Dr. Bill Rosehart, PhD

Dean, Schulich School of Engineering

Outreach and recruitment

Fostering diversity in engineering matters to us. Our goal? A student, staff and faculty community that reflects the demographics of Canada. Through our outreach programs, we aim to create an inclusive, welcoming culture.

About the Faculty

Engineering has an exciting history here at UCalgary. Our past tells a fascinating story about who we are. Our recent history shines a light on the things to come.

Our Leadership

At Schulich, our leaders strive to make a difference. A rich pool of skills and talent is focused on student success, research and inclusion. We invite you to get to know us