Schulich School of Engineering - Certificate in Engineering Entrepreneurship

Certificate in Engineering Entrepreneurship

About the certificate

The Certificate in Engineering Entrepreneurship provides students with an entrepreneurial toolkit to help them inspire change and create value in their communities, develop creative and innovative solutions to current challenges, and build their capacity for adaptability in the face of technological and societal change.

Students who complete the certificate will gain meaningful exposure to engineering entrepreneurship through a combination of hands-on practice, formal training around key entrepreneurial concepts, interaction with industry experts, and interpersonal skills development and improvement. These valuable skills can be applied at any stage of their careers, and help them graduate ready to make a difference in Calgary’s entrepreneurial community.

Key entrepreneurial and interpersonal skills gained through this certificate: 

Product design and development
Start-up financials
Marketing and customer development
Project management
Communication and teamwork
Adaptability and resilience

Certificate requirements

This non-credit certificate is offered to all full-time undergraduate Schulich School of Engineering students. 

There are three courses required to complete the certificate:

  • SSE 100: Innovation and Core Concepts of Engineering Entrepreneurship (Level 1 – embedded in ENGG 200 professional development seminars)
  • SSE 200: Engineering Entrepreneurship Essentials (Level 2)*
  • SSE 300: Advanced Engineering Entrepreneurship (Level 3)*

Students can earn digital badges for successful completion of levels 2 and 3, and earn a Certificate of Completion for all three levels.

*Registration in levels 2 and 3 requires successful completion of the preceding levels

Steps to complete the certificate

Complete SSE 100

SSE 100: Innovation and Core Concepts of Engineering Entrepreneurship (Level 1) is embedded in the ENGG 200 professional development seminars.

About ENGG 200

Complete SSE 200

SSE 200: Engineering Entrepreneurship Essentials (Level 2) is now open for registration.

Register by Sept. 13, 2021

Register now

Complete SSE 300

SSE 300: Advanced Engineering Entrepreneurship (Level 3) is currently not open for registration.

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Receive a formal certificate

Your success meeting all of the requirements of the Certificate in Engineering Entrepreneurship will be be acknowledged in the form of a "Certificate of Completion."