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Earn your degree in one of the following:

Biomedical Engineering

Biomedical engineers work at the intersection of medicine, engineering, science and other disciplines to solve health challenges. 

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Chemical Engineering

Chemical engineers convert raw materials into valuable products, or separate complex mixtures into their constituent components.

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Civil Engineering

Civil engineering involves the conception, design, construction, operation, maintenance and management of many structures and systems vital to the public.

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Electrical Engineering

Electrical engineers explore and develop new and innovative technologies through the research and manipulation of electrical phenomena.

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Energy Engineering

This unique transfer program allows you to combine an energy-related engineering technology diploma (from an approved polytechnic institute) with an engineering degree from the Schulich School of Engineering.

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Geomatics Engineering

Geomatics engineering is an information technology discipline that deals with the acquisition, modeling, analysis and management of spacial data.

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Mechanical Engineering

Mechanical engineers research, design, test, develop and construct various mechanical devices. 

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Software Engineering

Software engineers use their specialized knowledge to develop, install, validate, and maintain software systems.  

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Sustainable Systems Engineering

Sustainable systems engineering is a technical, transdisciplinary field focusing on how to design, integrate, and manage complex systems over their life cycles, with a goal of environmental, economic, and social sustainability. 

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