Schulich students

Student success and experience

Our student-first approach

Supporting student success is more than a goal at Schulich – it is our very reason for existence. We are committed to fostering engineering leaders in an environment that combines the best of classroom learning, key student support programs and external experiences that allow for meaningful application of student ideas and skills. 

Enhancing the student experience

Our graduate and undergraduate students are vital to the future, so we want to provide them with the programs they need to succeed. We are building a culture of support that includes flexible learning pathways that allow students to build on their unique strengths. Schulich professors are extraordinary. They set examples for our students that open their eyes to enormous possibilities where student talents and energy can be maximized.

Learning beyond the classroom

We develop well-rounded leaders through activities outside the classroom. These co-curricular activities – activities beyond the curriculum but integral to student growth - include entrepreneurship opportunities, interdisciplinary teamwork and international experiences. These give our students the perspective and skills necessary to lead. And skills and experiences we provide for our graduate students – the engines of our research – propel them to be critical thinkers and leaders in academia, industry and government.

Professional development

We start building engineering leaders from their first day on campus. We integrate leadership into our curriculum and offer programs tailored to help them succeed in the workplace. Our Engineering Leadership Program, for example, offers students the opportunity to participate in advanced professional skills development. They learn everything from managing teams, conflict resolution and time management to enhance their experience in the workplace. The Engineering Leadership Program is one example of how we take a holistic approach to engineering education.

Building leaders

We have several well-established student-initiated societies, clubs and teams that offer an opportunity to experience hands-on design thinking, problem-solving and team building. Teams like Solar Car, Formula SAE Team (Schulich Racing), Team Zeus (electric motorcycle), and many others give students a chance to develop teamwork and leadership skills while forming bonds that last long after their university years.

Homes for hope

Building better engineers

Every year since 2009, with the support of the Boardwalk Charitable Trust Fund, up to 68 engineering students volunteer in the Homes of Hope Program to build four homes for families in need in the Tijuana region of Mexico. Students say that the opportunity to share this experience with the family, and do something for others is rewarding. Students also gain teamwork, construction and project management skills. This is one way we develop future leaders.