Engineering leadership and entrepreneurial spirit

Hands-on student experiences ignite understanding and inspire careers

That’s why we’ve launched Catalyst – an initiative to support expanded student learning opportunities outside the classroom.

Engineering students will develop their professional skills through:

  • hands-on leadership training,
  • new mentoring programs,
  • increased national and global learning experiences,
  • enhanced support for clubs and teams,
  • and new entrepreneurial training opportunities.

Helping all of our students grow as young professionals is part of our commitment to enhancing the student experience.

Engineering leadership and entrepreneurship

Students involved in leadership activities

Engineering leadership

The Engineering Leadership Program enables students to complement their technical skills with professional and leadership skills.

Engineering mentor speaks to student

Engineering mentorship

Catalyst provides students with team and individual mentorship opportunities with engineering professionals.

Entrepreneurial engineering students

Entrepreneurial thinking

Catalyst enables students to try their hand at entrepreneurial experiences - both inside the classroom and beyond.


Global Experiences

Students can travel abroad on department-specific trips, exploring engineering, industries, services and history in other parts of the globe. 

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Outdoor Leadership Experiences

Learn teamwork, develop your ability to overcome adversity, practice problem solving - being in the outdoors demands it! 

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