Certificate in Engineering Leadership

Graduate with a certificate. Complete all three levels and earn a certificate of recognition.

Three tiers to a Certificate in Engineering Leadership

Tier 1: Foundations

For undergrad students in any year who are new to the program

Theme: Foundational Leadership. Learn self-awareness, emotional intelligence, time management, and effective communication & teamwork.

Tier 2: Development

Theme: Team Leadership. Learn about strategic networking, difficult conversations, project management, & conflict resolution.

Note: This tier is for students who have completed Tier 1:  Foundations.

Tier 3: Excellence

Theme: Positional Leadership. Learn about leading a team with empathy, giving and receiving feedback, negotiation, and adaptive leadership.

Note: This tier is for students who have completed Tier 1: Foundations and Tier 2: Development

Certificate tier requirements

Attend six workshops

Offered virtually, in-person, and online asynchronous

Complete two online term reflections/surveys

Attend two networking events

Kickoff in September, closing in April

Attend the leadership conference

Typically held on the first Saturday of April

Registration for the Certificate in Engineering Leadership is free

Opportunity to re-join every year, and progress through all of the tiers

Successful completion of a tier earns you a digital badge of recognition

Completing all 3 tiers earns you the Certificate of Recognition



Participate in a workshop and/or event on average once a month.

Each event/workshop is about 1.5 hours, and each topic is offered 2-3 different times to accommodate a variety of class schedules.


Workshops are typically scheduled Mondays to Thursdays starting between 5:00 to 6:00 pm M.T.

Workshop delivery: In-person, virtual, and online asynchronous.


There are make-up options available if you are unable to attend due to class conflicts.

Flexibility is built into the program in order to meet requirements.


Certificate in Engineering Leadership

Build career-relevant skills

Build leadership skills and expertise through professional development that sets you apart in your career.

Certificate in Engineering Leadership

Network with your peers

Meet other students and build a life-long network of professional industry contacts.

Certificate in Engineering Leadership

Earn a Certificate of Recognition

Complete all three tiers and you'll graduate with a Certificate in Engineering Leadership.

New students

Students who are brand new to the Certificate in Engineering Leadership can register on the UCalgary continuing education site. 

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Returning students

Students who are returning to the Certificate in Engineering Leadership (formerly the Engineering Leadership Program) can contact us about re-joining the program. 

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