Microsystems Hub

Microsystems Hub

A high-tech machine shop for micro- and nano-scale technology fabrication

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For small businesses and academics alike, access to a high-level cleanroom, advanced equipment and micro/nanotechnology prototyping is rare - and expensive. An affordable answer is right here in Calgary.

A unique resource

One of only two such open-access facilities in Alberta and about 20 in the country, the Microsystems Hub in the Schulich School of Engineering has $8 million in specialized equipment for micro- and nano-fabrication and characterization.

What we do

Opened in 2005, we support micro/nanotechnology prototyping by academia and industry. As an open-access facility, we provide cost-effective, low-volume, specialized research and development services.

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We gratefully acknowledge financial support for our operation and equipment from Alberta Innovates, NSERC, CIHR and CFI.

Research areas we support

RF/microwave cancer detection
Implantable sensors
Brain neuron stimulation/recording
Optics and optical components
Digital cytometry
Integrated CMOS sensors
Muscle interactions with silicon cantilevers
Controlled placement of nanoparticles
Microneedles, microfluidics and micropumps
Square kilometer array
Reservoir micromodels
3D surface analysis
Fuel cells