Schulich School of Engineering Alumni Council

Alumni council executive


Jeff LaFrenze, BSc (Eng) ’85, Electrical; MSc (Eng) ’88, Electrical

Marketing and Communications Committee Chair:

Paul Martin, BSc (Eng) ’87, Electrical

Vice Chair:

Phil Ivers, BSc (Eng) ’92, Mechanical

Programs and Services Committee Chair:

Dean Olafson, BSc (Eng) ’86, Mechanical; MBA ’93

Past Chair:

Frankie Freckleton, BSc (Eng) ’04, Civil

Partnerships and Recruitment Committee Chair:

Ian Herring, BSc (Eng) ’72, Chemical; MEng ’79

University of Calgary Alumni Association Representative:

Rob Winstanley, BSc (Eng) ’85, Electrical; MSc (Eng) ’89, Electrical

Graduate Student Association Representative:

Tushar Sharma

Senate Representative:

Richard Dunn, MEng ’93

Executive members:

Kim Gould, BSc (Eng) ’11, Civil

Nand Khatri, MSc (Eng) ’10, Chemical: MEng ’16

Curtis Mak, BSc (Eng) ’14, Electrical

Thu Pystynen, BSc (Eng) ’06, Software

Emerging leaders

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