Our history

The story of developing a world-class engineering school from the ground up

Becoming your engineering school

We opened our doors in 1965. Our simple name – the Faculty of Engineering – echoed our humble beginnings. The school started with two faculty members and 59 students.

Schulich School of Engineering


Our roots

The roots of engineering education in Calgary originated as part of the University of Alberta, Calgary (UAC). The initial campus, built in 1957, got its start where the Southern Alberta Institute of Technology sits today. The UAC campus (current University of Calgary site) opened in the fall of 1960. At that time, UAC Engineering moved into the Science and Engineering building (now Science A). Construction of the current engineering complex began in 1963. The engineering school was growing and gaining greater independence.

Establishing a faculty

The first meeting of the Engineering Council happened on Sept. 28, 1964. The council tabled a proposal to establish a Faculty of Engineering in Calgary. Faculty status was granted effective April 1, 1965. Dean Adam Neville was the first to lead the school. The UAC officially became the University of Calgary in 1966.

Geomatics student

Our six departments

The school has developed six departments over its history.

We started with the Department of Chemical and Petroleum Engineering. Over time, we added four more departments - Civil, Electrical and Computer, Geomatics, and Mechanical and Manufacturing Engineering. In 2021, the Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering's name was changed to the Department of Electrical and Software Engineering. Our sixth engineering department, Biomedical Engineering, was added in 2022. We also established three research and education centres. These focus on project management, energy and the environment, and pipeline engineering. 


Biomedical Engineering

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Chemical and Petroleum Engineering

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Civil Engineering

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Electrical and Software Engineering

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Geomatics Engineering

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Mechanical and Manufacturing Engineering

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