Facial recognition lab

Digital innovation

Leading the technological revolution

Technology is changing the world at an unprecedented rate. Every sector of society is in a technological revolution. We're committed to cultivating tech talent while continuing research that pushes the limits on what technology can achieve. 

Preparing for jobs that don't exist yet

We know that the technological revolution means universities need to change the way they're preparing students. We're putting more emphasis on teaching our students a way of thinking and being so they can constantly adapt that skill set as technology changes.

Sparking tomorrow's technologies

From the Internet of Things to artificial intelligence, machine learning and harnessing big data – our researchers are inventing new tools and techniques to make the most of our digital world. Advancements made in our labs are increasingly becoming tomorrow's start-up companies as we continue our leadership in digital innovation.

Virtual reality

Developing tech talent

Alberta’s future is being built on a digital foundation — and thanks to a new fast-track master’s degree in software engineering, the University of Calgary can produce more skilled graduates to make that happen. Students with a previous engineering degree can enrol in the year-long masters program to learn core software engineering skills, including virtual reality, augmented reality and data analysis.It's the latest example of how the Schulich School of Engineering is training the tech talent our community needs.