Events for future engineers

Is engineering for me?

Engineering is an exciting career where you can make a difference in the lives of others and the world around you. From digital innovation to biomedical engineering, you can take your career anywhere you want to go.

Find out more about UCalgary engineering program at this series of special info sessions designed for high school students. Each event includes tours, hands-on activities and advice from current engineering students.

You can also find out about out new Bioengineering Summer Institute pilot program which allows students to apply to our engineering program with high school biology. 

Engineering for Humanity event series

The Schulich School of Engineering invites students in Grade 12 to join us to learn about Engineering for Humanity! Engineers develop technologies that connect people and communities, protect society from natural and unnatural disasters, turn waste into fuel, make cancer detection easier and more accurate, and much more. With the world’s challenges becoming more and more complex, engineers are required to be more innovative, collaborative and empathetic than ever before.

The Engineering for Humanity event series explores how engineering solutions are developed here and around the world, and how they are impacting our society and improving lives. We are proud to showcase the excellent work of our female engineers and engineering students. You will also have the opportunity to tour research and undergraduate design labs, as well as visit the Maker Multiplex. You will interact with our current students to learn about their perspectives including how internship, student clubs, and global and experiential learning opportunities are enriching their experience and shaping their goals. 

If you are interested in a personal tour, or have other questions, please contact us at

The Nature of Engineering

Join us to learn about bio-mimicry in engineering. Nature has already solved many of the problems we are grappling with today! From the invention of velcro, to the design of aquatic vehicles, engineers often will look to nature for inspiration.

Additionally, you will learn about the process of 3D printing and take your own biomimetic gear home!

Women in Bioengineering

Discover what it means to be a biomedical engineer. Many biomedical engineers design tools and protocols that can change health care standards and save lives! We will talk about all the cool applications, projects, and competitions happening on campus including: 3D printed prosthetics, stem cell therapies, and robotic surgery tools.


Designing a Sustainable Future

Discover the world of renewable energy, sustainability, and international development in engineering! You will hear from engineers who are developing innovative power converter circuits for wind, solar and hydro sources for the developing world. This work includes a project funded by Grand Challenges Canada, where the team developed a power monitoring device for village homes to boil water and cook food overnight, using power that would otherwise be lost.

Women in Aerospace Engineering

Join us for a conversation with Laura Lucier, a Schulich School of Engineering Alumna, and the chief of Robotics Operations at NASA's Johnson Space Center! Laura will discuss her childhood dream of becoming an astronaut, her journey to certification as a robotics flight xontroller, and what it’s like to work in Mission Control. Laura will share stories of perseverance, and NASA's credo for performing your best under pressure.