Maker space

Entrepreneurial thinking in engineering

Empowering entrepreneurs

Engineering and entrepreneurship create powerful solutions to complex problems. When engineers' ideas are combined with entrepreneurial skills, solutions to great challenges emerge faster and in more applicable ways. 

Maker Multiplex

Entrepreneurs need the tools and the inspiration to act boldly. We launched a new maker space, complete with 40 3D printers, soldering irons, electronics equipment, robotics materials and more. The space, which will expand to include places for prototype development and engineering musicians and artists, is designed to inspire creativity and ingenuity across campus.

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Entrepreneurial Capstone Design Projects

We're bringing entrepreneurialism into the classroom through our Entrepreneurial Capstone initiative. The program helps students sharpen their skills in idea generation, business planning and product development. It also gives students who have an idea for a business to develop their concept during their studies.

Capstone Design Fair

Designing the future

Our Capstone Design Fair is the culmination of four years of study for our students. Some of our best projects have come from questions posed by industry. If you're seeking a new approach to resolving an issue, consider sponsoring a Capstone Design project. Our students benefit from the opportunity to tackle a real concern while you get a fresh and innovative approach to a problem that needs solving.

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