2019 Schulich Diversity and Equity Alumni Award

Nannette Ho-Covernton

Nannette Ho-Covernton

BSc (Eng) ’87

Nannette Ho-Covernton has had many accomplishments during her over 20-year career in engineering. She was one of the first females to work in a technical role at Spartan, progressing her career from Application Specialist to Account Manager. In addition to her full-time role managing Spartan’s customer accounts within the EPC segment, she also leads industry relations and academic partnerships for the company. Nannette spearheaded Spartan’s involvement in Canada's Oil Sands Innovation Alliance (COSIA) to further use technology to solve the industry’s greatest challenges. Nannette was awarded Spartan’s President’s Award.

In addition to her achievements within Spartan, Nannette is an active member of Schulich’s Engineering Career Centre Advisory Council. Each year, she invites Schulich engineering students to Spartan to bring the theory they’re learning in the classroom to life, and apply it to industry for better preparedness. Nannette is also an Iron Ring Warden.

Nannette has championed diverse educational activities for engineering students. She is an advocate of inclusivity in engineering. She has hosted many engineering students at Spartan and been a great role model for them. She candidly shares her experiences and successes as a female engineer, and discusses her struggle finding an engineering position after graduation.

Nannette is dedicated to giving back to society. She is a passionate community volunteer, committing her time and efforts to various organizations. This includes Speed Skating Canada, where she has volunteered for over 30 years. Currently, Nannette is serving as the Vice Chair, Speed Skating Sport Production for the Organizing Committee Calgary. Nannette was previously awarded the Jean Grenier Appreciation Award for her work with Speed Skating Canada.

Nannette also sits on the board of Two Wheel View, which uses bicycles as resiliency tools for youth. Additionally, she is active in the Calgary Corporate Challenge, Heart and Stroke Foundation and United Way.

Nannette graduated in 1987 during one of the toughest downturns in the economy. This meant that jobs for new graduates were scarce. However, she decided that she could contribute back to society by volunteering for the 1988 Olympics. Her drive to contribute back to society led her to develop new skills and connections that have helped her in her career. Nannette encourages the newer generation of engineers to apply for volunteer positions and contribute back to society. This further amplifies Nannette’s work on diversity.