Diversity and Equity Alumni Award

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Here is a quick summary of the nomination process:

Step 1: Using the form below, start by providing details about the UCalgary grad you’re nominating for the Schulich School of Engineering Diversity and Equity Alumni Award.

Step 2: Nominations should answer the following questions:

  • What are the unique achievements focused on diversity and equity that brought distinction to the nominee and how do these inspire current and future alumni? (300 words)
  • What impact has the nominee had on diversity and equity in their profession and/or the community in which they are active? (300 words)
  • In what ways is the nominee strikingly innovative in promoting diversity and equity? (300 words)

Step 3: In three sentences or less, please describe why the nominee is most deserving of this award.

Step 4: Submit the names and contact information of two references who can add their unique perspective on why the nominee is deserving of recognition.

Step 5 (optional)Gather and submit any other additional materials. 

Step 6: Finish your nomination by providing your contact information.

If you have questions about the Schulich School of Engineering Alumni Awards please email us at engineering.alumni@ucalgary.ca.


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