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Engineering Career Practicum

Hire the best for short-term work!

What types of positions are appropriate?

  • Engineering-related jobs
  • Technical experiential and practical work
  • Entry-level industry work
  • Field work
  • Hands-on and/or administrative duties 

What length of employment is required?

  • Full-time work for 10 to 16 weeks (May 1 to Aug. 31)
  • Part-time work throughout the year
  • A minimum of 350 hours per work term

Please note: Students must be available for full-time studies during their fall and winter school terms (September to April)

How are students prepared for their practicum?

  • Prepared by our Engineering Career Centre staff members who understand the skills and knowledge companies need
  • Connecting their studies to work-integrated learning opportunities 
  • Work-ready students who are looking to make noticeable contributions to your organization
  • Keen to explore specific disciplines of interest

How does this benefit my organization?

  • Hire highly motivated students
  • Fill the need for short-term employees
  • Discover talented engineers for your future workforce
  • Receive dedicated support from our Engineering Career Centre
  • Post jobs for free on our exclusive Elevate job board
  • Schedule multiple interviews on campus in our meeting spaces

Is there funding assistance?

Check out these Government of Canada student hiring subsidies:

How else can I help prepare career-ready engineers?

Here are just a few ways you can become an industry mentor for our students:

  • Discovery Days
  • Career Meet Ups
  • Industry Pop-Ups
  • Tip of the Week
  • Recruiters Reveal
  • Practice Interviews
  • Mentor Link