Schulich Student Activities Fund

Do I submit an individual or group application?

If you know at least one other student that is applying for the same activity, you may submit a group application.

If you are submitting an application on behalf of a club, team or association, submit a group application.

If you do not know any other students that will be participating in the activity, submit an individual application.

Please note: SSAF requires unique applications to be submitted. Duplicate applications will not be accepted.

Does my group need a faculty advisor?

If you are travelling with more than 10 students, a faculty advisor is required to accompany you. If you are having difficulty securing a faculty advisor, please contact SSAF.

Please note that faculty members should not be included in your budget. All costs should be quoted on a per student basis. Upon request to SSAF, faculty advisors may be eligible to receive funding towards their travel costs.

Can grad and undergrads apply together?

Yes. If both graduate and undergraduate students are applying for the same activity, you can submit a group application.

What is a full-time student?

Undergraduate students must be enrolled in a minimum of three courses in the Fall or Winter Term to be considered a full-time student.

What is the differences in funding?

Potential sources of funding are funds that you’ve applied for outside of SSAF but don’t have the application results yet.

Secured sources of funding include any funds that you have applied for outside of SSAF and already know the application results prior to applying for SSAF funding.

I received my funding notification

What next?

If you are approved, follow instructions outlined in your email.

If you are approved with conditions, the evaluation committee may require additional information or documentation to make a decision.

If you are denied, you can ask for clarification and reasons for the decision. Should you choose, an appeal can be made in writing to the dean.

What is a club, team, or association?

What is an ad-hoc group?

Club, Team, or Association (CTA) is an organized group which promotes professional development and learning among engineering students. The CTA will have a charter/constitution, mission statement, and operating budget.

Ad-hoc Group is an informal group of students that are applying to SSAF for the same activity (for example, a conference). Ad-hoc groups do not require a charter/constitution, mission statement, and operating budget.

My group is approved but a student left

Can I keep all of the original funding?

No. SSAF distributes funds on a per person basis. If the actual number of students participating in an activity is less than the number specified in the application, you cannot keep the total approved funding and split it amongst the remaining participants.

What is "a student in good standing?"

You are in good standing if you are not on academic probation.

Do you have more questions?

Contact the Engineering Student Centre