Engineering our digital ecosystem

Three exciting digital innovation spaces

Digital Design Lab

Our main teaching and learning space for digital innovation workshops, hackathons, and individual and group project work on artificial intelligence, machine learning, cloud computing and cyber security.

Virtual Reality Lab

Our specialized lab for visualization technology development such as virtual reality, augmented reality and mixed reality applications.

Internet of Things Lab

Our space for sensor and software development where data collected from various parts of the IoT can be brought together, analyzed and displayed.

Zetta: Our Digital Innovation Hub

Representing 1021, a Zetta is massive by any calculation. It’s estimated that the world will generate 175 Zettabytes of data annually by 2025.

Zetta - a hub of digital research and teaching innovation - is our vehicle for digital transformation. Here, researchers and students come together to develop integrated digital solutions.

By focusing on the big picture and creating digital systems that work together seamlessly across industries, Zetta will raise the bar for technology research and prepare our graduates to be leaders in the digital revolution.


How to become a member and grow your skills

General Access Training

Complete online training to enjoy access to our Maker Multiplex Headquarters and Zetta Digital Design Lab.

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Advanced skills and training

After that, choose your next module and complete the appropriate training to gain access to our other spaces.

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