Equipment and services

Microsystems Hub

Metrology and inspection

  • Mitutoyo FS110 optical microscope with image capture (3D capability)
  • Nikon Optiphot inspection microscope
  • M-gauge metallization thickness monitor
  • Nanometrics thin-film analysis tool
  • 3D rendering PC station
  • Stereo microscope

Integration and packaging

  • SET FC-150 Flip-Chip Bonder
  • Vacuum sealing station
  • Stratasys 3D printer

Photolithography and wet processing

  • SUSS MA/BA6 front and back mask aligner
  • 4-foot polycarbonate KOH wet deck
  • 8-foot polycarbonate multipurpose wet deck
  • 4-foot stainless steel non-standard materials wet deck
  • 6-foot stainless steel multipurpose wet deck


  • 2 multipurpose Laurell spin coaters
  • Kurt J. Lesker CMS-18 multi-source sputtering system
  • Denton Infinity multi-source electron-beam evaporator
  • Denton Desktop sputtering system
  • Dry film laminator


  • Trion reactive ion etcher with inductively coupled plasma source
  • Specta-Physics femtosecond laser micro-machining system

Substrate preparation and storage

  • Ultrasonic cleaning station
  • Dump rinser
  • Critical point dryer
  • YES HMDS oven
  • Small oven
  • Semitool spin-rinse dryer
  • Nitrogen storage cabinet
  • Thermolyne Benchtop 1100 C Muffle Furnace, 1.3 litre capacity
  • Disco DAD 321 dicing saw

Femtosecond laser material processing (FLMP)

  • Custom-built FLMP (2.5 W, 1kHz, 100 fs)
  • Accurate and precise motion control over a 150 mm × 150 mm area
  • Fabricates micro-and nano-technology systems not easily developed with traditional methods
  • High-precision laser beam
  • Machines complex patterns with a CNC motion 
  • Eliminates need for expensive photomasks, chemical etching or high vacuum systems
  • Fast processing speed