Intelligent and autonomous systems

Intelligent systems

IoT: Smart sensing and communications

Smart sensing (IoT)

  • Sensor development
  • Sensor fusion/integration


  • Radio systems
  • Telecommunications and wireless

Robotics and mechatronics

  • Control
  • Micro¬†and nano systems
  • Human/machine interfaces

Advanced manufacturing

Additive 3D and 4D printing

Advanced materials

  • Composite materials
  • Nanomaterials

Intelligent manufacturing

Autonomous systems

Navigation and positioning technologies

  • Satellite technologies
  • Multisensor systems
  • Wireless positioning

Vehicles and transportation systems

Planning and coordination

Driverless cars

  • Technology development
  • Applications

Aerospace systems

Aerodynamics, propulsion and flight

Communications, visualization and control

Advanced materials


  • Technology development
  • Applications

Software and analytics

Advanced analytics and AI

Modelling, optimization and decision support

  • Operations and optimization research
  • Data mining


Machine learning

Big data

  • Applications
  • Supporting technologies

Data security/privacy

  • Applications
  • Supporting technologies