11 Things You’ll Find in Your Schulich Studio Kit 

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Schulich Studio Kits

The Schulich Studio Kit

Engineers are naturally curious. We want to test and try different ideas and theories, in hopes of coming up with a solution to a challenge or problem in the world. 

But how are we supposed to tinker and eventually tackle those trials? We know… 


In an effort to help our students succeed in every way possible, we have put together kits for students in Schulich Studio. Inside each brand new zippered bag, known as the Schulich Studio Kit. 

Let's explore the kit

Inside, students will find a few necessities to get their hands-on experience started: 

Soldering kit

This little package full of small tools will open up the massive world of electronics. 

Measuring tape

Measure once, cut once…right?

Wire Strippers

Cutting wires should never be the job of scissors. 

Multi-bit screwdriver

You never know when you might need a Phillips or flathead.

Folding hex wrench

The Allen keys to your heart. 


For those really small measurements.


For those times you have to convert imperial to metric.

Highlighters and pens

Make your mark(s) on the important pieces of information. 

USB stick

Save and share your work with your teammates to build on your great ideas. 

Raspberry Pi Pico WH

Harness the power to control electronic circuits.

3D-Printed Dino

Because we are ALL Dinos. 

Throughout each student’s journey here at the Schulich School of Engineering and beyond, we hope they keep their kits with them, adding other tools and necessities.