Internship financial questions

Do I need to start repaying my student loans?

The University of Calgary considers all students registered in the Co-operative Education and Internship program to be in full-time studies for the purpose of student loans, Students’ Union fees and Student Health and Dental Insurance coverage. However, there is some paperwork required to ensure you do not have to go into loan repayment while on internship.

Find out more about maintaining your interest-free status

What happens to my health and dental coverage?

You can choose to opt out of the student health and dental plan. Contact the Students' Union Health and Dental Plan office for more information. Students must submit an “opt out” form and proof of alternative coverage.

Will I still have access to my U-PASS?

Internship students will need to “opt in” to the U-PASS. This can be done by phone or in person with Enrolment Services. Students taking any course in addition to INTE will automatically be assessed the UPass fee.

Will I still have my Campus Recreation pass?

Internship students need to “opt in” to the pass. For more information, refer to Active Living website.

Do I still pay tuition and student fees?

Co-op/internship tuition fees will apply for the first three work terms. Work-term four is tuition-free. Supplementary fees apply in all work terms.

For information on fees, see the UCalgary calendar.

Students who register for university courses during their work term, will be assessed other course fees on a fee per course basis.

For further information, please visit the registrar

How does my internship affect my taxes?

Please refer to the office of the registrar or contact the Canada Revenue Agency at 1.800.959.8281 for information on your tax status. 

Students registered in a Co-operative Education or Internship course are considered full-time students by the University for the purpose of student loans, Students’ Union fees and Student Health and Dental Insurance coverage. Because of Revenue Canada’s policy regarding the Education Tax Amount, Co-operative Education and Internship students are not classified as full- or part-time on the T22 02A form issued by the University and do not qualify for the Education Tax Amount.

Students working at international placements are expected to file a Canadian income tax return.