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Engineering internships

The best job interview around

Hiring an engineering intern can help your organization cultivate the people you need to move forward in a competitive global economy. Create a talent pipeline for the future while shaping leaders who fit your company’s unique culture.

Support from start to finish

From free job postings to assistance with four-month performance reviews, we support companies throughout an internship.

Employer specialists

Professional engineers themselves, our employer specialists understand the skills and knowledge companies need.

Flexible internships

Short 4 or 8-month placements or longer 12 or 16-month opportunities, our internships are designed to fit your business needs.

Student success

As our interns navigate their work experience, we offer them support and resources every step of the way.

Anywhere in the world

Whether across the country or around the world, internships that involve exploring the global workforce are of interest to our students.

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