Engineering Career Practicum

Engineering Career Practicum

After completing their first or second year of engineering, students can start building their career readiness.

The Engineering Career Practicum involves a supported work term. Additional components - such as industry workshops and connecting with mentors - develop students' professional skills.

Students connect theory with hands-on learning opportunities and gain relevant work experiences early in their degrees. 

Isabella Uzcategui

The Engineering Career Practicum was a perfect way to receive feedback and guidance in my job search as an engineering student.

Isabella Uzcategui

Engineering Career Practicum student

How it works...

During their first and/or second year of engineering, students can learn through a progressive program that culminates in summer work terms. They'll explore the following areas of career building:

Career Exploration and Readiness

Explored during the academic year before the work term begins.

  • Understanding their unique engineering interests and skills
  • Exploring different types of engineering careers 
  • Writing professional and effective resumes and cover letters
  • Working on interview skills
  • Learning the proper steps for applying to jobs
  • Successfully navigating accepting a position
  • Understanding their unique learning and communication styles
  • Using various social media platforms effectively 
  • Analyzing multiple job offers and making decisions

Career Insights

Takes place during the work term.

  • Online module to self-assess skills, evaluate learning outcomes and other reflections
  • Feedback on the employment experience to the employer (with an opportunity for the employer to provide feedback as well)

Exclusive Engineering Career Practicum job board

Access our exclusive CareerLink job board and apply for summer work terms after your first year and/or second year of engineering. These positions will look great on your resume.

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Wage subsidies for first-year students

Hire a first-year student for a summer practicum and you could receive up to $7,000 in support through the Student Work Placement Program.

I never really understood the point of a cover letter before going through this module…

Hamza Gohar

Engineering Career Practicum student