2020 Intern of Merit Nomination

As a part of the Schulich School of Engineering and the Engineering Career Centre’s commitment to student success, we annually recognize Interns of Merit by inviting supervisors to acknowledge outstanding Interns under their supervision.  Each nominee is considered an “Intern of Merit” and will receive recognition for their excellent performance.

Reasons for Recognizing this Intern – the Support Statement:

We ask that you provide a description of why your intern is being recognized (maximum 1 page in length, included within the online nomination form). Include examples of how the intern has made noteworthy contributions and highlight key skills/attributes that the intern has demonstrated to warrant this recognition. Areas for consideration based on the Schulich School of Engineering’s Strategic Plan goals for student success include:

·         how your intern has demonstrated student success by establishing new learning pathways within your organization;

·         how your intern has demonstrated learning excellence in his/her position in the organization;

·         how your intern has demonstrated leadership and excellence within the internship experience;

·         how your intern has encouraged interdisciplinary teamwork or become involved with extra-curricular activities for professional growth.

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Nominations have been extended to Aug. 31, 2020