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One-year master's program in software engineering for engineers with or without a software engineering degree

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Specialize in software engineering through our course-based MEng in electrical and computer engineering. This program expands your engineering knowledge, adding advanced-level software skills to your resume.

There are two ways to enter this exciting program:

For engineers from other backgrounds:

  • Get up to speed on programming fundamentals through our customized boot-camp
  • Experience a team-based learning approach
  • Access free tutoring and academic support from leaders in the field
  • Earn your master’s degree in 12 months

For engineers with a software or computer engineering background:

  • Earn your master’s degree in eight months through our fast-track program
  • Develop advanced skills that will position you as a leader in our digital future
  • Enjoy a hands-on learning environment where you learn by doing
  • Augment your skill set through our project-management courses

A supervisor is not needed for this course-based master's degree program

Jeff LaFrenz, President of VizworX Inc.

In Calgary, we have a large number of highly qualified engineers and a growing need for highly qualified people with proven software-development capabilities. This program directly bridges the gap between the two and we look forward to engaging with graduates to find new employees in the future.

Jeff LaFrenz

President, VizworX Inc.

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Engineering your high-tech future

Enhance your skills in:

Software engineering fundamentals Software design and architecture Machine learning and data engineering Innovation and entrepreneurship Project management

From boot-camp to pro


With a customized boot-camp in the spring term, engineers new to software engineering will learn:

C, Python and Java  Manipulating text and binary files Basic program designs Programming and application of common data structures Strategies and tools for testing and debugging

Advanced skills

For the fall and winter terms, MEng program participants undertake 10, core, advanced-level software engineering courses, such as:

Data engineering Engineering large-scale data analytics systems Virtual reality Machine learning Artificial intelligence 

Professional development & teamwork

Throughout this fast-paced MEng, you will learn leadership, project management and teamwork skills to make you an asset in any organization.

Project management Innovation and entrepreneurship Software engineering design project

What courses will I take?

Bootcamp Courses

This pre-program involves the completion of 3 courses for non-software engineers. 

Programming Fundamentals for Data Engineers

ENSF 592

Principles of Software Development I

ENSF 593

Principles of Software Development II

ENSF 594

MEng Core Courses

This program involves the completion of 10 courses. Here is a sample of the topics you could study:

Modelling and Measurement of Software Performance

ENSF 603

Software Design and Architecture I

 ENSF 607


ENSF 608

Team Design Project in Software Engineering I

ENSF 609

Team Design Project in Software Engineering II

ENSF 610

Machine Learning for Software Engineers

ENSF 611

Engineering Large Scale Data Analytics Systems

ENSF 612

Advanced System Analysis and Software Design

ENSF 614

Dependability and Reliability of Software Systems

SENG 637

Data Mining and Machine Learning

ENEL 645

Check out the complete list of software engineering courses

Kaye Mason, Senior Software Engineer, Google Inc.

In my dozen years in the games and tech industries, we've never had enough qualified software engineers. We develop technology, but it's human innovation and problem solving that make us successful. Our industries are changing the world, but we need more people to do it.

Kaye Mason

Senior Software Engineer, Google Inc.

Information Session

Thank you for your interest in our one-year master's degree in software engineering.

We have recorded our 90-minute information session. It covers: 

  • The high industry demand for software engineers
  • The skills you'll gain
  • What jobs this program will prepare you for
  • Details about the interesting courses you'll be taking

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