Minor in Software Engineering

Enrich your future employment opportunities 

Available in second year with Geomatics (ENGO).

Geomatics engineering is one of the fastest growing information sciences. Geomatics technologies are rapidly emerging in the areas of software design and development, data science, artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning (ML), and geosensors and internet of things (IoT). This is why the geomatics engineering major program is now enhanced with a minor in Software Engineering launching in September 2022. Together with the Department of Electrical and Software Engineering, a series of software engineering courses were added in the new minor with the goal of enhancing employment opportunities for graduates, to meet increasing industry demand across Alberta and Canada, for software engineering knowledge and skills.

Offered in collaboration with one of the following engineering majors:

Geomatics Engineering

Program details

This program offers unique employment prospects for graduates of geomatics engineering in the thriving and growing software industry.

Dr. Emmanuel Stefanakis, PhD

Head, Department of Geomatics Engineering