Maker Multiplex

Igniting innovation, discovery and learning

Engineers are designers, builders and makers.

The Maker Multiplex (M2) has just what you need to bring your ideas to life.

M2 was launched in 2018 to help grow the maker community on campus. We welcome a diverse community to use our labs, grow their skills with new technologies and experience the process of taking an idea to innovation.

These open labs create a welcoming environment where you can have positive experiences, gain wisdom, develop new technical skills, build confidence, learn collaboration skills and unlock your creativity.

M2 is open to all UCalgary students, faculty and staff.

Maker Multiplex labs


ENA 04

Join workshops in 3D modelling, design and printing; electronics and circuits; logic controllers and robotics.

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3D Printer Room

ENC 01

Learn the joys of rapid prototyping and 3D printing as you bring your design ideas and creations to life. 

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Metal and Wood Shop

ENC 09

Develop metal working with hands-on experience using lathes, mills, drill presses and saws.

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Sound Lab

ENG 23, 25, 27

Experiment with sound, instruments, software and mixing boards. Enjoy a jam space or practice rooms and spend some time in a fully-equipped recording studio.

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Robotics and Mechatronics

ENA 03

Learn about, build, test and compete in robotics and mechatronics. Tie together your skills in building, electronics, micro-controllers, programming and more.

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Welding Shop

ENC 20

Access a range of hot works equipment. Learn how to use a plasma cutter, welders, grinders, a sandblaster and more of the tools you need for metals fabrication.

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Art and Textiles Room

ENG 29

Experiment with a variety of arts and textiles materials. Learn basic sewing techniques, use unique fabrics and paint in our mini paint booth.

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Engineering Makerspace

ENG 24

Work independently and collaborate in groups in this large-scale engineering design and development space. Use the laser cutter and numerous 3D printers available in this lab.

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Paint Booth

ENC 37

Our Spray-Tech/Junair paint booth is a large-scale facility for students using the makerspace to develop projects requiring painting. The booth is 27'x14' in size and is equipped with temperature controls for optimization.

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How to become a member and grow your skills

Basic membership

To enjoy Tier 1 access to our makerspaces and workshops:

  • Do an orientation session (sign up in ENA 04)
  • Sign the M2 Membership Agreement
  • Sign a waiver
  • Complete learning for Tier 1 tools on D2L
  • Complete your registration (ENA 02)

Advanced skills and training

To gain Tier 2 access to more advanced experiences and a broader range of tools:

  • Complete learning for Tier 2 tools on D2L
  • Complete safety orientations for specific labs
  • Access Tier 2 equipment in specialized labs

Expert-level skills and training

To gain Tier 3 access to develop and apply expert skills:

  • Pass ENMF 417 (or equivalent)
  • Complete learning for Tier 3 tools on D2L
  • Pass a one-on-one Tier 3 tool assessment
  • Complete safety orientations for specific labs
  • Access Tier 3 equipment in expert labs


Circuits Basics: Soldering

Get the basics of soldering! Learn the information, tools and techniques to solder successfully.

Introduction to Sewing Techniques

Sew your own reversible tote bag! Learn to use a general sewing machine and basic sewing techniques.

3D Printing Workshop

Rapid prototyping at your fingertips! An introduction to 3D printing with our Prusa 3D printers.  

Eagle PCB Design

Learn the basics of printed circuit board design! Bring your electronic circuits to life in the physical form.

Laser Cutter

Learn the basics of laser cutting! Use a high-power laser beam to cut materials with finished edges.   

Prototyping Electronic Circuits with Breadboards

What’s a breadboard? Learn how to create prototype electronic circuits on this cool soldering device.

How to Slice (Tier-2 qualified 3D printers)

Take your 3D printing to the next level! Explore new software applications that will advance your skills.   

How to Load a Print (Tier-2 qualified 3D printers)

Explore the hardware of 3D printers! Develop your skills in loading filament for successful prototyping.