Virtual onboarding

Before your first day

Create an enjoyable work area

Prepare to start a new job remotely by setting up a comfortable work space, and reviewing our tips and best practices for working from home. 

Check your equipment

Make a list of what equipment you already have and what equipment you might need to work comfortably from home. Is your Internet connection reliable? Do you have a webcam for video meetings and presentations? Do you have access to a printer or scanner? If required, could you use your personal device for work? 

Advise your employer you're ready

Show your employer that you’re prepared to work remotely. Send a quick email noting what equipment you already have at home and ask if there is any additional equipment that you are expected to have for your first day. This will give you time to get anything you need that the company may not provide (i.e. Ethernet cable, webcam, headset with microphone) and feel prepared for your first day.  

Eliminate potential disruptions during work hours

If you live in a shared space, communicate to any roommates or family members what your working hours will be in advance. This will help you establish a working routine and avoid any potential disruptions, even if your workspace is located in a shared space.

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