Virtual onboarding

After your first few days

Practice time management

Browse through the Schulich School of Engineer’s resources on learning and working remotely and being an effective team member for tips on establishing a routine and managing your time effectively.

Track your accomplishments

Document your progress, successes and challenges on a daily basis. Even if the frequency of your one-on-one check-ins with your leader has decreased, you still want to be able to show them what you’ve accomplished since your last conversation. This will also help you manage your time by understanding how long you spend on different tasks.

Stick to a routine

As you become more comfortable in your role, it can be tempting to take advantage of flexible work hours, split your day between work and home tasks, or put in extra hours to show your commitment to your position; however, setting boundaries and keeping a regular routine will help you maintain momentum and prevent burnout, ultimately making you more productive.

Ask for feedback from your manager

It can be difficult to gauge success when working remotely, so don’t hesitate to directly ask how your first week has gone and if there’s any feedback to ensure you are meeting expectations.

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