Virtual recruitment

Online job posting and applicant selection

Tips for posting a position online

  1. If this position is temporarily remote as a result of COVID-19, consider changing the language in the posting to reflect the skills needed to perform the job remotely. For example, relevant skills might include experience using digital tools, strong written communication skills and the ability to work independently. 
  2. If your company has an informational page on COVID-19 and remote work, consider linking it in the job posting so that candidates can do their own research to understand how your organization is currently operating. If not, suggest they review the Schulich School of Engineering’s best practices for remote work.
  3. We can help you distribute job postings using our own CareerLink system. Send your job postings to and we will post them on your behalf. For intern and practicum positions, the Engineering Career Centre can also send you an application bundle.

Tips for selecting applicants

  1. Review your company’s selection processes to determine if they need to be modified for a virtual environment. Determine if online tools can help you manage the application process, from applicant tracking software to online collaboration tools. Zapier also created this remote hiring guide and recommend using a project management tool like Trello, Asana or Greenhouse to allow everyone on the hiring team to review applications, share notes and compare top candidates. 
  2. When reviewing the applications, consider what qualities would help a new employee thrive in a remote work environment. For example, try to evaluate if a candidate’s application shows transferable skills or an ability to adapt to changing circumstances.

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