Remote project management

Get started with the basics

Establish standard working hours

Sticking to an agreed-upon work day can help keep your employees motivated and connected while they work remotely. Having a routine is healthy, and ensures your team members stay accessible to one another by being online at the same time each day.

Identify accountability mechanisms

Schedule weekly one-on-one meetings with individual team members and use an online project management tool to identify key priorities and track project progress. It's also helpful to build in time dedicated time each week for your whole team to connect and share their priorities, challenges and successes.

Communicate remote work policies

An article in TechRepublic recommends that remote leaders establish and communicate policies on security, logistics and workflows, and methods for interaction.

Update and share policies as needed

Changing times demand changing policies. The trick is communicating them as you adapt. This LinkedIn article recommends remote leaders develop a shared online “handbook” of important policies, updates and key leadership decisions. That way, employees can access the most up-to-date information anywhere, anytime.

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