Remote project management

How to provide virtual support

Get to know your team member’s strengths

Making the shift to remote work is a great opportunity to establish more frequent one-on-one check-ins, and identify how each team member’s unique strengths can help support the team’s transition to working virtually. The Gallup StrengthsFinder can be a great assessment tool for understanding individual and team strengths. University of Calgary students have free access to this assessment.

Create a collaborative culture

Encourage your team to connect frequently through virtual project management tools, conversation boards or daily video check-ins. For remote leaders, prioritizing virtual collaboration can empower teams to draw on each other’s strengths and work together to solve problems. 

Check in frequently

In addition to following up on their team's priorities and targets, remote leaders who regularly check-in on their team member’s well-being are able to identify and respond to challenges more quickly.


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