Virtual job hunt

Responding to a virtual job offer

Get a hard copy of the offer

Make sure that you have a written copy of the job offer (email or PDF) and save a copy of the email or form in a secure location. If the interviewer makes you a verbal offer during the interview, but you haven’t yet received a written copy, follow-up with them if necessary.

Read your offer thoroughly

Read the offer and email carefully to determine the terms of your employment, the job description and how the employer would like the offer returned to them. You may need to provide a digital signature or written acceptance of the offer’s conditions. 

Save the offer for future reference

Maintain documentation! For virtual offers in any form (email, fillable PDF, secure link), make sure that you download and save a copy for your records in a safe location. Transfer a copy to a USB stick, upload it to Google Drive, print it for your records or email it to yourself to save in your files. 

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